Dear Editor,

July 28, 2016

As you know 50 years ago we had a hero by the name of Officer Ramiro Martinez who, because of his fearless and heroic actions, ended the bloody massacre of innocent men, women and children by killing the monster Charles Whitman.

Whitman had managed to reach the top of the UT Tower in Austin with an arsenal of weapons with the intent of dying but not till he would shoot as many victims as he could, all this after he brutally murdered his mother and his wife. This was the first mass murder of the nation and the end of our innocence.

Now it seems that Americans of Mexican descent cannot have any heroes without some disgruntled Anglos not being able to accept the fact that we are not rapists, drug traffickers and murderers and that we do have amongst us people of great valor and courage. It is an undeniable fact that Mr. Martinez was the hero on that infamous day. And now there is the McCoy factor trying to discredit Mr. Martinez.

For interview inquires contact Cliff Martinez at [email protected] or 512-762-4429

A people without history are a people without glory and a people without glory are a people without pride. We will no longer be deprived of our heroes, our history or our glory.

Dan Arellano
San Antonio
Texas 78210