Dear President Bailey:

This is a very sad day for those of us in the Rio Grande Valley who love to learn, who love to help others learn, who seek the truth and ways to make life better for all our citizens. As of 24 minutes ago, our Valley’s NPR has disappeared.

Though many say, “Oh, I’ll just get it on my phone!” it is just not the same. It’s not the same at all. Throughout its history, our Valley’s station has provided and even sponsored excellent programs of great local interest from Will Evert’s “Theme and Variations”–wherein he read and discussed great literature–Dr. W.F. Strong’s “Stories from Texas”, Dr. John Cook’s “Good Books Radio”, Joe and Rosa Perez’s superb program on Mexican roots music.

From “Fresh Air” to the fine news programs to “Latina U.S.A.”, “Pharmacy Today”, and the hilarious “Wait, wait! Don’t Tell Me!” we have enjoyed programming that suits us.

I’m woefully disappointed that the Catholic diocese sold their station for religious programming–of which we have so much already. But that’s done. What we must do is direct UTRGV to starting its own NPR station, and we must not allow much time to lapse before it does.

If a university is unwilling to sponsor an NPR station, what kind of institute of learning is it?

I, a longtime Brownsville resident and retired English teacher, care deeply about the education of every person I know.

I am ashamed to live in a huge area, the Rio Grande Valley, my home, that does not have an NPR station.

I trust that you, as president of UTRGV, will help us to establish one.


Mary Katherine (Kathy) Raines

Editor’s Note: The above letter was sent by retired teacher Mary Katherine (Kathy) Raines of Brownsville to UT-Rio Grande Valley President Guy Bailey on Thursday, May 30, 2019, the day National Public Radio programming ceased to air on KHID 88.1 FM and KJJF 88.9 FM. The two stations were sold by the Diocese of Brownsville to Immaculate Heart/Relevant Radio.