SAN BENITO, Texas – The Rio Grande Guardian recently had a wide-ranging interview with San Benito City Manager Manny De La Rosa.

Among the topics discussed were plans to develop a cultural district for the city. This is a top issue for De La Rosa because San Benito is noted for its musical heritage and has a number of museums and cultural landmarks.

“I would like to see the cultural district established in the next two years,” De La Rosa said.

Other topics discussed included plans for a new sports facility, alongside a convention center and hotel.

The interview also included a discussion on ways to increase the number of eco-tourists that visit San Benito by highlighting the city’s unique resaca system and developing more nature trails.

“Our resacas are a hidden gem for us. If you are local, you know it,” De La Rosa said.

Economic development was also discussed, including development of Los Indios bridge to capitalize on an expected expansion of international trade once USMCA kicks in.

Editor’s Note: Click on the link below to listen to the interview with Manny De La Rosa:

Editor’s Note: The Rio Grande Guardian also recently interviewed Manny De La Rosa about San Benito’s efforts to ensure a full and accurate count during Census 2020. Click here to listen to the interview.