HARLINGEN, RGV – Birders from across North America have given two thumbs up to the 26th Annual Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival, which has just concluded in Harlingen, Texas.

Birders interviewed by the Rio Grande Guardian say the festival was “very well organized,” and that it was “good value.” They say everything that was promised in the brochure, such as field trips to see rare birds, was available and that the program ran on time.

According to studies, visiting birders contribute almost $2 million to the Valley’s economy.

In the above podcast, we interview visiting birders Jean Folsom of Colorado, Jeannette Bourgoin of British Columbia, and Mike Burke of Maryland.

Also, the Rio Grande Guardian held a Facebook LIVE event with some of the organizers of the festival, including its leader, Sue Griffin. Here, is the video:

The 26th Annual Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival is now in full swing in Harlingen, Texas. We are interviewing organizers and visiting birders to find out what is unique about the five-day festival. Posted by Rio Grande Guardian on Thursday, November 7, 2019