PHARR, RGV – The City of Pharr, Pharr Economic Development Corporation and the Greater Pharr Chamber of Commerce will host the Rio Grande Valley’s first international trucking expo next month.

The Pharr International Trucking Expo takes place Sept. 29, 2018 at the Pharr Events Center from 9 a.m. to  7 p.m. The expo is subtitled: Where Transportation Has No Boundaries.

The expo will feature exhibitors representing trailer, truck, component, and parts manufacturers, as well as other industries such as insurance, logistics, and trucking dealerships.

Dr. Ambrosio Hernandez, Pharr city mayor, said the expo was timely because of the increased activity the trucking industry is having on the local and regional economy.

“Pharr and the entire Rio Grande Valley region benefits greatly from our trucking industry, which is key in the transportation of international products for destinations across the United States,” Hernandez said.

“As billions of dollars of international trade that cross our international port of entry, we reap the economic benefits as a result of the symbiotic relationship we share with our trade partners. When it comes to keeping our economy functioning, transportation has no boundaries.”

Eduardo Bernal Martinez, Mexico’s consul in McAllen, said: This expo is very important for us because the U.S. and Mexico do a lot of trade. This expo is going to help trade between Mexico and the United States.

According to Victor Perez, Pharr EDC’s executive director, the Pharr International Bridge is the number one crossing bridge for fresh produce and number six overall in the United States. In an interview with the Rio Grande Guardian, Perez stressed the international component of the expo.

“Mexico and the United States are exporting and having trucks going southbound and northbound, so it’s important that trucking companies and carriers get to come over and see what is it that we are offering,” Perez said.

“It’s very important that we get these individuals that work in the industry and own businesses to be able to come in and help each other out. This way they can find out who is going to be able to help them if you want to buy a new truck. If they have any transportation issues or anything related, this expo will provide assistance to the individuals in the industry.”

Perez added: “Pharr recognizes the importance that the trucking industry has a direct impact on our local and regional economy. Pharr and the entire Rio Grande Valley region benefit greatly from our trucking industry, which is key in transporting international products to destinations across nation. When it comes to keeping our economy functioning, transportation has no boundaries, and we invite all trucking industry leaders and representatives to attend this event.”

Pharr economy

Victor Perez, executive director of Pharr Economic Development Corporation

Perez also spoke about how the economy is doing.

“We are halfway through 2018 and our economy in Pharr continues to thrive. Our focus this past quarter has been working on economic development projects of regional significance, welcoming many new businesses to our area, and continuing to support efforts to promote workforce development and job readiness,” Perez said.

“These major activities, and more, work to promote economic prosperity among our citizens.”

Highlights of the last quarter, Perez said, include activities that promote Pharr at an international level.

“Pharr continues to be a leading driver of economic growth as we focus on attracting and retaining companies and employers that appreciate Pharr’s proximity to the U.S.-Mexico border, its quality of life and variety of amenities, and its business-friendly and supportive environment.”