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NUEVO LAREDO, Tamaulipas — The white-tailed deer hunting season is always good for this border city. Local authorities expect to have an economic revenue of more than $15 million during the 2016-2017 season which began on Nov. 18 and will continue until January.

More than 800 ranches are registered to receive the visitors, and authorities reported around 3,000 white-tailed deers available to hunt.

During the 2014-2015 hunting season, the city reported a revenue of $10.5 million, according to the Nuevo Laredo’s Economic Development Secretary, Francisco Javier Solis.

“This year we promoted our region through the Dallas, Houston and McAllen fairs,” Solis said. “And we will continue our digital promotion to get to be known in all Mexico’s embassies and consulates.”

The registration permit for hunters is given through the Diversified Ranchers National Association (ANGADI is the acronym in Spanish), where hunters receive an ID to place in their vehicles, Trinidad Benavides, ANGADI chairman said.

Authorities expect more than 3,000 hunters during the whole season.

“We are trying to improve the way we welcome them. We have translators for those hunters who can’t speak Spanish, and we do our best to facilitate them with any documentation at the Customs’ office,” Cesar Johnson, local Hunting Coordinator for the Nuevo Laredo Tourism office, said.

On Nov. 25, Enrique Rivas Cuellar, Municipal President for Nuevo Laredo, welcomed hunters during a ceremony at the Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge’s registration vehicle area.

“In this region of Tamaulipas is where the white-tailed deer can be found, and that makes us a very attractive area,” Rivas said. “National and international tourism provide an important economic revenue for our region.”

Military personnel are in charge of checking a hunter’s permits and weapons, and local officials are in charge of placing a special sticker which credits them as distinguished visitors.

“We need to welcome them as special guests because they do bring an important economic revenue,” Rivas said. “Each hunter spends around $4,000 during his stay.”

Also in November, authorities celebrated a welcoming parade where hunting clubs, and motorcycle riders participated. They drove around town and then celebrated at a gathering in downtown Nuevo Laredo.

The white-tailed deer hunting season ends on Jan. 27, 2017.

Editor’s Note: Photos courtesy of the City of Nuevo Laredo, Tamulipas.