Nuevo Laredo Mayor Enrique Rivas Cuellar

LAREDO, Texas – Laredo, Texas, has been receiving funds to improve its infrastructure. Because of this, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, has been developing plans to improve their services for visitors, businesses and citizens in general.

The Municipal Government is hoping 2017 will be the year to reinforce job growth, boost the economy and develop new businesses ideas.

Manuel Canales

“We are moving in a commercial natural route, which transforms us in a very competitive area, that’s why we have been talking about both Laredos a lot,” Nuevo Laredo Municipal Presidente, Enrique Rivas Cuellar, said in a press release.

During an event to inform about the progress of the works at both International Bridge I and II in Laredo, Nuevo Laredo Councilman, Manuel Canales, said the guideline is to continue growing and making a reality those works that will take both cities into a modern and vanguard era.

“This goes hand in hand with Nuevo Laredo’s projects,” Canales said in an interview for Rio Grande Guardian.

Leading the projects is the improving of the Historical Downtown District, located in the first blocks after entering Nuevo Laredo trough International Bridge I.

“The idea is to have wider sidewalks and bikeways to allow the foreign and national tourist to walk and visit without any problem,” Canales said. “We won’t close the Guerrero avenue (a main street), but we will have more control and we will give priority to pedestrians.”

Another idea is to upgrade the public transit system and make it more efficient.

“We are having talks with different concessionaires in México, so we can have a first-class public transport for the whole city,” he added.

The city is thinking about having terminal buses which will be around town, and will offer air conditioner, internet and public bathrooms.

Canales also referred to the acquisition of land around International Bridge II. He said the city has already acquired 99 percent of necessary land to improve the customs area. International Bridge II is located at the end of I-35.

He said this is an example on how both cities need to continue its collaboration to be at the same level, and this is why the Nuevo Laredo customs area has to be expanded and be more functional.

World Trade Bridge

Also for 2017 the idea is to continue the World Trade Bridge expansion.

“The Governor has made very clear how far we are from building a wall,” Rivas said. “We are pushing for a project that brings the bridge from eight to 16 lanes, making it the biggest trade bridge.”

A group of officials from both Laredos will travel to Washington to continue lobbying and show the projects certainty.

Rivas said the Municipal Government has the support from the State Government to make any needed arrangement with the Internal Revenue office, Customs, and Public Affairs, to make this work a reality in a two-year span of time.

Competitiveness Congress

Also, 2017 will be the year where Nuevo Laredo will be the city to celebrate very important meetings.

During the third week of January, it will be there where Border State Governors will meet for a second time; in March, Tamaulipas’ Mayors will celebrate a meeting; and, in April the city will celebrate a Competitiveness Congress.