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DONNA, RGV – Donna residents will soon have a new way of shopping. The Donna Economic Development Corporation (DEDC) and the Donna City Council approved the construction of a new retail plaza.

The “Donna Crossing” plaza will be located at the intersection of D. Salinas International Boulevard and Redskin Avenue, and it will offer approximately 16,200 square feet of leasable area divided into 10 suites.

On week, Kamper Investments LLC submitted a request to the DEDC and the City of Donna to provide incentives in the forms of: installation of sidewalks, street lights, utilities and widening of Redskin Avenue. They also requested the DEDC to provide funding for the demolition of an existing home currently located at the proposed site.

To develop the project there’s a probability it will need to undertake infrastructure improvements. “The Donna Crossing project is one of eight that the City of Donna is currently working on bringing to the community,” Interim City Manager, Ernesto Silva, told the DEDC and the City Council.

Silva has made provisions to undertake proposed improvements associated with these projects in the City’s bond budget by allocating the necessary funds, according to a press release.

“Donna Crossing” plaza project is considering a restaurant, dry cleaners, and a pharmacy, according to Developer Amrit Keswani.

Positives news like steady increase of traffic at the Donna-Rio Bravo International Bridge, as the percentage increase sales tax over an 18-month period, are just some points highlighted on why this project is coming together.

Newly appointed EDC Director, Lyle Garza expressed optimism that the new Donna Crossing Plaza will definitely improve the City’s ability to attract more retailers.

“This is another project that will help improve quality of life for our citizens by reducing the need for them to go shop in other cities and attracting new business to our emerging economic market,” Garza said.

Furthermore, Silva also said the City is anticipating lowering the tax rate the coming fiscal year by approximately 10 cents.

“Projects such as the Donna Crossing are continuing to increase property values in the City; which allows the City to lower tax for its residents,” Silva said. “The biggest factor for the reduction in the property tax rate is the increase of sales tax generated in the community.”

Right now the tax rate in City of Donna is at $0.88 per $100 property valuation.