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REYNOSA, Tamaulipas — The Governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca presided over a ceremony where an environment care covenant was signed with northern state maquila associations.

Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca

Signing the agreement were Enrique Castro Septién, President for Index-Reynosa; Rolando González Barrón, from Index-Matamoros; and, Guillermo Fernández de Jáuregui Velasco, from Index-Nuevo Laredo.

The goal is to speed up any procedure related to the environment before the Secretaría de Desarrollo Urbano y Medio Ambiente (Secretariat for Urban Development and Environment — SEDUMA).

This way, the State Government and the industrial sector are strengthening their ties in order to facilitate the reception of documentation, applications, permit notifications, licenses, authorizations, and concessions issued by SEDUMA in environmental matters, as well as strengthen a voluntary environmental obligations compliance program.

“Together we will work to reinforce the regional and international cooperating in matters as the climate change, biodiversity, and environment,” García Cabeza de Vaca said.

During the same event, the Nucleus Committee for the implementation of the Air Quality Management Program (PROAIRE) was formed.

García Cabeza de Vaca became the first Governor in México to participate in the integration of a PROAIRE committee, since its beginning. Officers from the local, state and federal government participated in the measurement and elaboration of strategies to combat the problems of air pollution.

Through this agreement, supported by the Secretaría del Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (Secretariat for the Environment and Natural Resources — SEMARNAT), García Cabeza de Vaca said there will be a positive impact on a Tamaulipas resident’s health, because of the implementation of programs related to awareness of the environment and air quality.

“For the first time in Tamaulipas, with the support from the Federal Government through the SEMARNAT, we are putting together the Committee PROAIRE. This way, Tamaulipas residents will be able to evaluate pollution situations faster,” García Cabeza de Vaca said.

Daniel López Vicuña, SEMARNAT’s Director for Air Quality, explained that evaluations showed the existence of three atmospheric basins located in Reynosa, Nuevo Laredo, and the southern part of Tamaulipas and north the State of Veracruz.

Present at the ceremony were the Mayors of Reynosa, Maki Ortiz Domínguez; of Matamoros, Jesús de la Garza Díaz del Guante; of Ciudad Victoria, Oscar Almaraz Smer; of Tampico, Magdalena Peraza y from Altamira, Alma Laura Amparán.