It is now quite clear. Donald Trump is a danger to America.

Too many voted for an obviously vain “celebrity” without any governmental experience whatsoever. Some of his supporters may now have “buyer’s remorse.”

Dreams of restoration of jobs vanish as Trump fortifies his cabinet with more inexperienced billionaires. Forty percent of the public think he should be impeached. Fifty-three percent–a democratic majority–chose another candidate.

Best-selling author, Matt Taibbi, captures the chaotic scene in his new book, “Insane Clown President.” The humor of the clown is quickly overshadowed by his pathologically sick, Narcissistic personality disorder.

Trump tweets (not speaks) a half-literate comment, suggesting he will send U.S. soldiers into Mexico, then the foolishly compliant media allow him to “take it back,” saying “it was a joke.”

Trump gloats at the National Prayer Breakfast of his own prowess — “better ratings” than Arnold Swarzenegger. He swears in front of the religious assembled — “oh, what the Hell!” He praises himself and blasts the media for not agreeing with his assessment at a Black History Month gathering.

Trump speaks at a memorial for Holocaust survivors without mention of the millions of Jews killed by a demagogic, Nazi dictator. More pertinent for many is Trump’s placement on the National Security Council, of Steve Bannon, a White Nationalist, who aims to “bring crashing down the whole establishment.”

How to survive this clown car as it goes faster, day by day? Author Even Osnos reports in the “New Yorker” (January 30, 2017), on the “Survival of the Richest.” Some billionaires fear a coming breakdown of society.

Those fearful oligarchs build landing strips in New Zealand. They refurbish nuclear missile silos in Wyoming. They lay in guns, water and gasoline, hoping to withstand the anarchy and social chaos (or nuclear war and radiation).

How should the rest of us react? Good friends of mine in New Mexico – former Republicans until Trump’s take-over of their Party – are reacting positively, as good, stable Americans. I join them, as they counsel “resist.”

They recommend NOT to hide in fear, NOT to refuse to watch the sad news, NOT to bemoan the chaos, thinking “nothing can be done.” My friends, David and Becky, sign every petition on line they can possibly agree with (after vetting). They write their Congressman and Senators and attend every local event with Albuquerque officials (believing “all politics is local”). They march and protest (which means, in Latin, simply, “attest to”).

You may have your own formula, your own (partially effective) solution to the existential dilemma that presents itself. The times have changed. Things AREN’T “gonna be alright.” Prayer to God, while helpful spiritually and personally, will not suffice to replace political and non-violent social action.

Few of us in the middle and lower economic classes (and even “lower upper” classes) can invest in silos and get-a-ways in foreign countries. We see how dangerous is the bizarre insanity of “alternative facts,” the stupidity of antagonizing our neighbor, Mexico, even our long-standing ally, Australia.

It is not enough to intone: “oh, he’s new at this; things will even out.” We must stay and fight. I see no other choice. We may lose. Other friends have given up. I almost did but, to keep my soul sound, decided not to give in to death. We must continue the struggle for progress. We must choose life.