MISSION, RGV – Mission Mayor Norberto Salinas tells The Washington Post he supports the building of a border wall.

“Everyone who lives along the river is afraid,” Salinas tells the newspaper. “The best thing that could happen to us is that we go ahead and build the fence and see if we can stop some of the illegals from coming across. It’s not just one or two of them, it’s 20 or 30 of them at once, every night.”

Mission Mayor Norberto Salinas. (Photo: RGG/Steve Taylor)

Weslaco City Manager Mike Perez tells The Washington Post that he hears from angry residents about undocumented immigrants trampling through their yards, filling water jugs from their faucets and exchanging wet garments with clean ones hanging from their clothes lines.

“In the country, at night, people are knocking on doors and looking for water,” Perez said. “It can scare the hell out of you.”

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