At a time when major oil producers are laying off thousands of workers and delaying projects, exporting Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is critical to maintaining American’s energy renaissance.

Texas is uniquely positioned to become a leader in this booming alternative energy source. With abundant natural gas resources communities like ours can play an important role in exporting the abundant supply of Texas natural gas.

More importantly, in the process of growing LNG exports, we will provide economic and employment opportunities right here at home in South Texas.

LNG exports offer tremendous benefits to the Texas economy and the continued development of the Texas Gulf Coast and Rio Grande Valley. A recent study by ICF International estimates that LNG exports will create up to 155,000 jobs for Texans alone in construction, operations, exploration and production by 2035 and contribute up to $31.4 billion to the local economy. Many of those jobs will be right here in our region if we continue to focus on the economic development efforts necessary.

The benefits of LNG exports aren’t confined to Texas. LNG exports are expected to generate as much as $86 billion in net benefits to the U.S. economy and help create up to 2.4 million American jobs by 2035.

In addition to the local and national benefits, exporting LNG will have a significant impact geopolitically. After decades of energy dependence on other nations, our allies can finally leverage domestic natural gas and reduce their dependence on countries that are politically at odds with the U.S. This will weaken the stronghold that countries like Russia and Iran have on our allies while strengthening our domestic economy.

Expanding LNG exports will create jobs, grow our economy and boost America’s competitiveness in the global energy marketplace. LNG also serves as a political strategy to protect our European friends and allies from dependence on turbulent trading partners. Texas has always lead the way in business and energy endeavors. Not only will expanding LNG exports have a positive effect on both the national and global levels, more importantly, it will have a positive economic impact locally. It will provide opportunities for the working men and women of Port Mansfield as well as the Rio Grande Valley.