CNN Money: Mexico is about to take another step to pivot its economy away from the U.S. and President Trump.

Mexican officials kick off talks with their counterparts in the European Union on Monday to update their own free trade agreement initially signed in 2000. Talks between the two sides have taken on a sense of urgency and are on an accelerated schedule now — the first time Mexico and EU held these talks was in 2013.

Both sides had expressed a desire for a new agreement for years, but only announced “accelerated” trade talks shortly after Trump took office.

“It’s a shared desire to proceed as quickly as possible with this negotiation,” Andrew Standley, the European Union’s ambassador to Mexico, told CNN Money in February in Mexico City.

That’s not all. Mexican officials head to Argentina later this week for the World Economic Forum’s Latin America summit where they will likely reiterate their interest in buying more goods — particularly corn and soy — from Brazil and Argentina instead of the United States.

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