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Hari Namboodiri, executive director of the Mid-Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

MERCEDES, RGV – A ribbon-cutting ceremony took place Nov. 30 for the Mid-Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

The facility provides services such as skilled nursing, short as well as long term care, rehabilitation, support services and respite care.

The 48,500-square-foot facility is located at 601 N. Mile 2 West and features 123 beds. Within the next year, the center will provide 125 jobs to the area. Mercedes mayor Henry Hinojosa gave credit to the vision and leadership of the City Commission of Mercedes and the Mercedes Economic Development Corporation (EDC) to bring businesses to the area.

“Improving healthcare to our community and those in the Valley has been part of this intense process,” Hinojosa said. “[The city,] Knapp Medical Center, the Knapp Community Care Foundation and the UTRGV Medical School worked together to make this corner of our … city a foundation for the future.”

Hari Namboodiri, executive director of the Mid-Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, said those involved in making the state-of-the-art facility a reality has the PPP and LCC.

“What I mean is we have the passionate, positive and productive team,” Namboodiri said. “We are good listeners, communicators and changers. We believe progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change–their minds cannot change anything. The same in the case of long term care. We are … spearheading the change.”

A health care cluster is developing in Mercedes. A new Knapp Medical Center Family Practice Residency Clinic is under construction on the same plot of land as Mid-Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center and it will have a residency program tied to UT Rio Grande Valley’s School of Medicine. The South Texas High School for Health Professions (Med High) is just across the street and The Science Academy of South Texas (Sci Tech) is also in the city. Soon, Med High will have a program at the Knapp facility. Because of this, Hinojosa said the area is an educational and a healthcare corridor.

Mid-Valley Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is owned by Touchstone Communities, an organization based in San Antonio devoted to creating a community where the elderly can feel at home and be given quality healthcare. Carl Fellbaum, president of Touchstone Communities, said the company aims to become better every day.

“The vision of our company is to be the dynamic network of premier healthcare communities devoted to excellence through quality and integrity,” Fellbaum said. “Our mission is to deliver compassionate care through innovative approaches while creating family partnerships one generation at a time.”

In the future, Mercedes has plans to open up more businesses in the city and build a pharmacy next to the center, said Mayor Hinojosa.