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McALLEN, RGV – McAllen Mayor Jim Darling held his fourth State of the City Address at the McAllen Convention Center.

The images in the above slideshow were taken by reporter Stephanie Jara.

Here are some of the tweets the Rio Grande Guardian reporters sent out during the event:

Mayor Darling was delighted to announce that the new Performing Arts Center is proving popular with visitors.

During the State of the City address, a video was shown listing some of McAllen’s success stories in 2016. Mention was made of the work the Diocese of Brownsville has done to make newly-arrived immigrants from Central America feel at home.

The immigrants, mostly women and children from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, started arriving in large numbers in the summer of 2014.

The number of arrivals dropped in 2015 but picked up again in 2016.

After giving themselves up to Border Patrol, the immigrants are booked in and then released at Sacred Heart Church Refugee Center in downtown McAllen.

After receiving food, clothing and in some cases medical attention the immigrants head for McAllen Bus Station.

Another part of the video focused on the Anzalduas International Bridge, which is not taking southbound ’empty’ trucks.

Mayor Darling pointed out that Mexican shoppers have always been important to the McAllen economy.

Darling acknowledged sales tax revenues were down in 2016, probably because the value of the Peso has weakened.

McAllen’s value to the Texas economy should not be underestimated, Darling added.