REYNOSA, Tamaulipas – The total number of workers now employed in the maquiladora industry in Tamaulipas stands at 234,244, a new record.

This number represents 34 percent of the total workforce in the state. The workers are employed at 354 maquila plants across. Tamaulipas.

Ralph Garcia

The information comes from the State of Tamaulipas and INEGI (Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas y Geografía).

They report that 31 percent of the production in the maquilas is for the electronics appliance sector. Production of computers and communication devices stands at 19 percent, production of metallic products stands at 12 percent, and production of auto parts stands at 12 percent. The remainder, 28 percent, covers clothing, chemical and plastics.

There are now 40 maquila industrial parks in Tamaulipas. Of these, 15 are in Reynosa, nine are in Matamoros, nine in Nuevo Laredo, three in Altamira, three in Ciudad Victoria, and one in Miguel Aleman. These 40 industrial parks cover 13,324.9 hectares, or 32,872.6 acres.

The major corporations producing goods in the maquila plants in Tamaulipas include Mexichem, KSS, Emerson, Du Pont, Dura, Panasonic, ZF/TRW, Sony, Sabic, Posco, Motorola, LG, Valeo, PPG, Jabil, Eaton, and Sanmina.

Among the countries represented in the maquila plants in Tamaulipas are the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Chile, Netherlands, Venezuela, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Panama.

INDEX is the largest trade association for the maquiladora industry in Mexico. Recently, Roberto Mattus, director of INDEX Matamoros, and Sergio Castro, president of INDEX Reynosa, gave an update on the state of the maquiladora industry in their respective cities.

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Ralph Garcia, vice president of McAllen Economic Development Corporation, focuses on business retention and expansion of maquiladoras in Reynosa. Garcia said maquila businesses are booming right now. By way of an example, he referenced Corning in a recent interview with the Rio Grande Guardian.

“Corning Cable Systems in Reynosa are constructing a new facility, 530,000 square feet, all dedicated to the telecom industry, such as fiber optic cabling. They probably have more than 11,000 employees and have over a million square feet of industrial space,” Garcia said.

“They are probably the largest employer in the city right now. The technical talent that they are looking for in their operation is substantial. You are talking about skilled individuals, engineers, those with a technical background. The fact that they are expanding here shows that there is a capability in the workforce we have. It allows them to keep growing here,” Garcia said.