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MCALLEN, RGV – A leader in INDEX Reynosa, the trade association for the maquila industry, says excitement is mounting in Reynosa for the upcoming state and local elections.

Mike Myers of INDEX Reynosa.
Mike Myers of INDEX Reynosa.

Mike Myers, who sits on the INDEX Reynosa board of directors, spoke from a businessman’s perspective about the gubernatorial and mayoral races when giving his monthly report to the McAllen Economic Development Corporation.

“Six weeks from now, at the beginning of June, Reynosa will be electing a new mayor and Tamaulipas will be electing a new governor. It is officially election time now in Reynosa. They have a certain amount of time when they can do their politicking,” Myers explained. “The closer we get to the election, the more fervor there will be with the PRD, the PAN and the PRI. From what I understand it is pretty much an open election.”

Myers is general manager of Metal Industries, Inc., which operates a maquila in Parque Industrial del Norte in Reynosa. He said that from an industry perspective, there is good and bad that comes with a hot election cycle.

“The bad that comes along with it is there will be some stoppages and parades and all the stuff that gets in the way. But, these are exciting times over there. There will be wholesale changes in the government. Even if the same party stays in, they bring new faces in to the different sectors of government. We will see a whole bunch of friends leaving and a whole bunch of new friends coming in. Exciting times. It will be a lot of fun to listen to all the political stuff happening.”

Myers also spoke about the general state of the economy for maquila operations. He painted a rosy picture.

“Business is booming. Knock on wood, our sales guys must be out there selling our products because everybody is hiring, everybody is working overtime. It is an exciting time to be in the manufacturing industry right now.”

Myers said all the maquila plants have their “We’re Hiring” signs out.

“We are back to the 2005 mode. It makes you step up your game. You have your core folks there. You have them for two, three, four years. The new folks coming in that have no seniority, they can go down the street and work for Alex (Avila) at Sanmina, or Steelcase, or my place for the same amount of money. It is who has the best soccer uniforms, who has the best kitchen. We all basically have the same benefits and the same pay scales. For all the new folks, it is a challenge keeping those. We are squeaking. It makes us not be complacent and step up our game. It keeps us robust.”

According to Alex Avila of Sanmina, who is also president of INDEX Reynosa, the manufacturing sector of the Reynosa economy employs 100,000 people directly and 500,000 indirectly. According to Angel Ortiz Salazar, interim secretary of economic development and tourism in Tamaulipas, foreign direct investment in Tamaulipas could reach to more than $847 million in 2016.