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LAREDO — The Laredo/Nuevo Laredo region reinforced its commitment to support manufacturers and manufacturing jobs during a “Maquila Day” celebration last week.

A decade after the last “Maquila Day” was organized, Laredo Development Foundation, the Industrial Development Committee, INDEX-Nuevo Laredo, Laredo Manufacturing Association, and the Economic Development Office of Nuevo Laredo, met at the Laredo Country Club.

Enrique Rivas
Enrique Rivas

Nuevo Laredo’s Municipal President, Enrique Rivas, and the Mayor of Laredo, Pete Saenz celebrated the competitiveness and civic mindedness of maquila industry firms in the region. At least 40 factories representatives were present at the event.

“We are working towards the industrial development, supporting the economy, and accepting how important this sector is for the community in general,” Rivas said. “By participating in Maquila Day we show how we share the same interests, and how we work together to create job opportunities.”

According to the City of Nuevo Laredo, local factories generate almost three thousand million pesos in salaries, around 350 million pesos in social security benefits for employees, and produce 550 trade border crossings per day.

Also, from 2009 to 2016, maquiladoras generated investments of almost a thousand million dollars in Nuevo Laredo alone, which translates in 32,000 manufacturing jobs.

During the event seven companies were recognized in categories such as employment growth, export volume, and the biggest annual investment during 2016.

The honorees were:

“Robertshow” for highest percentage growth in job generation.
“Modine Transferencia De Calor S.A DE C.V” for highest growth in export volume.
“Productos Medline S.A DE C.V” for greatest investments
“Tecnologia Modificada S.A DE C.V.” for socially responsible company
“NCH Promotional Services de México” got an honorable recognition for longest running manufacturer.
“Industrias RHEEM” got an honorable recognition for their strong commitment to local procurement.
“Brake Parts Mexico, EZO Tube Solutions” and “Jumbolon de Mexico, S.A DE C.V.” got honorable recognition for its recent installation in the Laredo region.

Both Rivas and Saenz stressed the importance of taking advantage of the geographical position both Laredos have.

Finally, it was announced the Maquila Day will be celebrated in Nuevo Laredo in 2017.