MEXICO CITY – Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador says he and his counterparts in the United States and Canada have agreed on strengthening economic trade commercial relations.

López Obrador was host for this year’s North America Summit. He, along with President Joe Biden and President Justin Trudeau, spoke publicly at the conclusion of the summit.

“I wanted to highlight that we’ve agreed on strengthening our economic trade commercial relations. And for that, we’re going to be creating a joint committee aimed at planning, substituting imports in North America so that we may try to be increasingly self sufficient in this part of the world,” López Obrador said.

He said the three presidents, who call themselves the three Amigos, want to turn development cooperation into a reality in order to benefit all the countries on the continent. 

To that end, he said, the three North American countries will set up a task force comprising four leaders from each country. And, he named the four leaders from Mexico that will sit on the task force. They include Alfonso Romo Garza, a businessman from Monterrey who owns Vector Casa de Bolsa, the largest fund management company in Latin America. The other three are Mexico foreign minister Marcelo Ebrard, Mexico finance secretary Rogelio Ramírez de la O, and Mexico economic secretary Raquel Buenrostro Sánchez.

López Obrador said the 12 specialists on the task force will not only know about development cooperation but “also have our absolute trust, to motivate, to persuade and invite the business community, workers, public servants of all three governments and to convince them about the importance… of being united in North America and for us to be able to seek from here on this unity in everything we do throughout the American continent.”

López Obrador added: “We also discussed as a priority issue the economic, commercial, trade integration that I have expressed of the entire American continent and the well being of the peoples and the new relations of cooperation, leaving behind interventionism, hegemonic interventionism.”

Editor’s Note: Click here to watch C-Span’s coverage of the remarks of the three presidents at the conclusion of the North American Summit.