Re: UTRGV School of Medicine faces funding gap

Dear Editor,

May 29, 2017

We should not be surprised the Republican dominated Legislature cut funding for the UTRGV Medical College. If the truth is known, Republicans never wanted a medical school in the Valley. Cutting nearly $7 million from the previous budget does not take into account inflation. Although, it is relatively low now, that adds over 2% to the $7 million cut, or more than a $1 million additional cut.

This should be expected from anti-health care and anti-education Republicans. As Donald Trump’s proposed budget shows, Republicans believe the only people who should receive health care are people rich enough to be able to afford it. As for education, Republicans believe only the rich should be able to attain a GENUINE education, while the rest of us should be trained to be cogs in the oligarchy’s profit machines.

Mexican Americans and African Americans in Texas need to start voting in the same proportion as Anglos. Otherwise, our situation with respect to medical care and education only will get worse.

Samuel Freeman,
Pharr, Texas

Re: López: The Unlikely U.S. Independence Trio

Dear Editor,

May 29, 2017

Great article about the importance of the Western and Southwestern fronts of the American revolution.

This article may explain a Girault family connection as well. My 3rd great grandfather, Jean (John) Girault, was a Captain (later promoted to Colonel) and personal aide and translator to Gen. Clark (having been raised in London, but of French Huguenot descent, he was fluent in English and French, and reportedly other languages as well).

We know from family history and published accounts that after the war, he left the Illinois region, and immigrated to Natchez, Mississippi, which was then still part of the Spanish holdings in the Americas. In Natchez, he became the Court Clerk and a key local figure under Gov. Gayoso de Lemos, who was previously and remained an officer in the Spanish military.

This article points to the cooperation between the Spanish military and Gen. Clark. I wonder if there was a connection between Gayoso and my grandfather during the War that later led him to Natchez, and allowed him to so quickly achieve a position of prominence in Gayoso’s administration???

David Girault
McAllen, Texas

Re: A transit terminal for Edinburg, a transit authority for the Valley

Dear Editor,

May 18, 2017

Notice that no one from the lower valley was asked their opinion on the legislation. It’s always about the upper valley and how they will control the money. I am opposed to this. This is a bad idea and foresee a lot of issues when it will come down to money and who would get what and how much. Let each county deal with its own issues and work with other counties when needed.

If we keep wanting to merge everything (MPOs?), then why bother having counties? The bigger county will eat up the smaller county with size and population meaning more power to the upper valley. No thank you.

Anthony Lehmann
Brownsville, Texas

Re: Senate Bill 4 signed into law

Dear Editor,

May 8, 2017

Tim Snyder in, On Tyranny, Twenty Lessons From, the Twentieth Century, says, “Anticipatory obedience is a political tragedy.”

Snyder’s book expresses his fears that Americans have become too acquiescent in the Era Of President Donald Trump.

And here in Deep South Texas elected officials’ silence as the Texas Legislature readies its harsh measures against Sanctuary Cities is another example of tyranny’s encroachment.

I know it would be very difficult, in reality impossible, for cities and counties to declare themselves “Sanctuary Cities,” and thus lose millions of state funds as a penalty under the upcoming law.

But there is nothing other than a lack of will and conscience that prevents all elected entities, including school boards, from passing resolutions, in the very least, against the law.



No, such resolutions carry weight, moral correctness and compassion, especially as a counter to the “heedless acts of conformity,” as Snyder states.

Is there even one elected official who has the courage to at least introduce a such resolution, even one?

Tyrants depend on the “politics of the everyday,” again from Snyder, to impose their will, and the numb reaction (inaction) of thousands of Deep South Texas officeholders and their equally removed constituents will embolden them and their minions even more.

Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky
Brownsville, Texas