LAREDO, Texas – City of Laredo officials met with officials from the City of Nuevo Laredo this week to discuss various issues, including transportation, security and emergency response.

On the transportation front, a presentation was made regarding SENTRI crossings and opportunities for increasing the number of crossings between the two cities.

Leaders from the two cities also signed a bi-national security agreement. It covers issues such as natural disasters and health epidemics.

The Cross Border Contingency Plan outlines instances when the City of Laredo Fire Department and Health Department will respond to emergencies in Laredo’s Sister City.

Among the officials in attendance at the meeting were City of Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz, Mayor Pro Tempore Juan Narvaez, District V Council Member Roque Vela, Jr., and Laredo City Manager Jesus Olivares.

Mayor Carlos Canturosas represented Nuevo Laredo, along with city council members.

“The relationship between the City of Laredo and the City of Nuevo Laredo is truly a familial one that promotes the health, welfare, prosperity and security for the benefit of both communities,” said City of Laredo Mayor Saenz.

Echoing his support, City Manager Olivares pointed out that disease and natural disasters do not recognize borders; therefore, it is truly in the best interest of Laredo to provide support and assistance should ever the need arise.

“We are truly Los Dos Laredos,” Olivares concluded.