Katty Kay

Katty Kay, a presenter with BBC World News, has penned a column about efforts to attract the Hispanic vote in the United States.

“Lock-in this big group of voters – not easy as they’re hardly a monolithic bloc – and you’re looking at easy wins potentially for decades to come,” Kay writes.

She points out that both parties could appeal to Hispanic voters.

“They tend to be more socially conservative, which makes the Republican party a more natural home. But immigration reform is important to them, which makes the Democrats more appealing,” Kay writes.

In fact, Kay calls Hispanic voters the “Holy Grail of American politics.” Everyone wants them, everyone thinks they should get them, but somehow they remain elusive, she writes.

“Hispanics are the single biggest minority group in the US – there are more of them than there are African Americans. And Hispanics still have higher birth rates than white or black Americans so their numbers will continue to grow,” Kay writes.

Click here to read Katty Kay’s column on Hispanics in the United States.