MCALLEN, RGV – The executive director of the Border Health Political Action Committee says “inaccurate statements” have been made about the group during the heated referendum on whether to create a healthcare district in Hidalgo County.

Prisylla Ann Jasso has urged media outlets to explain to the public that the Border Health PAC is not connected to Healthy Hidalgo SPAC, the single purpose committee formed to support the creation of a healthcare district in Hidalgo County.

Prisylla Ann Jasso
Prisylla Ann Jasso

Jasso issued this statement:

“The Border Health Political Action Committee (BHPAC) was established in an effort to promote the issues of the medical profession along the U.S.-Mexico border of the State of Texas.

“BHPAC supports the nomination and election of candidates that seek, through responsible means, to further the mission, goals, and objectives of the medical health profession in South Texas.

“We support candidates that advance access to quality care in our community and across South Texas. Our families deserve the best care possible, right here, in our own backyard.
“Border Health PAC has absolutely no affiliation with, and has not, directly or indirectly, contributed to Healthy Hidalgo SPAC, the single purpose committee formed to support the creation of a healthcare district in Hidalgo County.

“Border Health PAC goes above and beyond compliance standards, in accordance with state and federal rules and regulations. We are, and always will be, committed to advocating for the benefit of South Texas.”

Border Health PAC was created by the leadership of Doctors Hospital at Renaissance. Many of the health system’s physicians and management contribute to the PAC.

Mobile Voting Locations

Ted Shaw
Ted Shaw

Meanwhile, in other Hidalgo County Healthcare District news, the Texas Hospital Association has issued a statement in support of hospitals serving as mobile voting locations. Opponents of a healthcare district in Hidalgo County have taken legal action to stop a mobile voting location at Doctors Hospital at Renaissance in Edinburg. A high number of votes have been cast at the DHR location.

“Texas hospitals are an integral part of their civic life of their communities. Often one of the largest employers, Texas hospitals participate in all aspects of community life. Serving as mobile voting locations is one example of how Texas hospitals give back to their communities,” said Ted Shaw, president/CEO, Texas Hospital Association.

“The Texas Hospital Association strongly encourages all hospital employees to exercise their constitutional right and civic responsibility to vote in every election and promotes get-out-the-vote efforts to increase the number of voting Texans.”

Message to the DHR Team

Dr. Carlos Cardenas
Dr. Carlos Cardenas

While other hospitals in Hidalgo County have stayed largely silent on the issue of a healthcare district, Doctors Hospital at Renaissance Health System has, over the last week, come out strongly in favor of its creation. DHR held a news conference on the issue last Friday to make the case for a “yes” vote on Proposition 1.

Dr. Carlos J. Cardenas, MD, chairman of the board at DHR, sent this message to members of the DHR team:

On November 8th when you go to the polls to cast your vote you will be faced with making a decision on Proposition 1 to create a healthcare district in Hidalgo County. I want to take this opportunity to inform you about this important measure and to encourage you to support Hidalgo County by voting FOR Proposition 1.

We need a healthcare district. One out of every three people in Hidalgo County is uninsured, which makes up about 250,000 of our neighbors. Hidalgo County currently spends a portion of its county budget on indigent healthcare. It’s a responsibility bestowed upon every county in the state to cover the cost of healthcare for residents that live in extreme poverty. Most large counties in Texas have a public hospital or healthcare district to provide more coverage and access to quality care for their residents – Hidalgo County does not.

The healthcare district will assume the responsibility for delivering care to indigent patients and provide many added benefits, including expanding access to quality care for all our residents, not just the extremely poor. A community board, appointed and overseen by our elected officials, will run the district to ensure our community receives the following benefits:

•    A healthcare district in Hidalgo County will improve health care services for county residents and increase access for low-income and uninsured patients, including preventative care, wellness programs, and groundbreaking treatment for diabetes, obesity, and other illnesses, as well as behavioral and mental health services.

•    A healthcare district in Hidalgo County will expand care at community clinics to provide residents with a medical home so they don’t have to delay their care or seek basic care in the emergency room.

•    A healthcare district in Hidalgo County will support the UTRGV School of Medicine by committing a dedicated revenue stream and supporting patient care delivered by their faculty physicians and medical residents, and research and clinical trials such as developing a pathway for curing diabetes and heart disease through education, treatment, and prevention.

•    A healthcare district in Hidalgo County will address the medical professional shortage crisis and train physicians, nurses and health care professionals locally to increase access to local life-saving care and specialists without having to travel out of the Valley, and would create more high-paying jobs in the medical industry.

•    A healthcare district in Hidalgo County will bring federal funds for health care services, such as federal reimbursements for uncompensated care to help our hospitals continue to be our safety-net of care.

At a cost of less than $4 a month for the average homeowner, a healthcare district will benefit our neighbors and the countless patients we have made it our mission to care for. Please take time and make your voice heard this November election and vote FOR Proposition 1.


Carlos J. Cardenas, MD
CAO and Chairman of the Board