Poets, politicians, DACA recipients, Dreamers, organizers, and educators.

Attorneys, the Association President of the Wild Life Refuge, activists, and political writers.

Valley-wide residents, visitors from afar, media and document preparers.

Winter Texans,  the Carizo Comecrude Tribe Chair, musicians and singers.

Close to 1,000 people gathered January 27, 2018 to protest a border wall and save Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge.

The Sierra Club of the Rio Grande Valley gathered an amazing coalition to prepare and publicize this event. The program listed 25 sponsors and eight generous supporters.

The program began under a large tent.  In addition to the large tent there was another tent that featured T-shirts, informational tables, activities for children and (during a musical interlude in the program) tacos, bags of fresh picked broccoli and drinks.

As the saying goes, “You had to be there” to feel and experience the passion, energy, sentiments and information. Various presenters brought attendees to tears.

On the 75th anniversary of this treasure of the chain of National Wildlife Refuges, people whose families have held this land as sacred for generations spoke and gave us a historical perspective.

Though I didn’t hear this saying spoken on Saturday I could feel it: “We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed over us.” Overall, there was a tone of excitement, enthusiasm, determination, amply mixed with humor. There was much free food and even more food for thought.

As my wife and I were leaving we took a little detour from the main road to the butterfly and ecology section near the entrance. As we sat digesting our food but more importantly trying to digest all that we experienced, my wife took pictures.