MCALLEN, RGV – Index Reynosa has made the hiring of additional maquila workers a top priority.

A major job fair was held in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, on Friday, July 1. The fair was part of Index Reynosa’s plan to hire 14,000 people in short order due to a rapid growth in business activity in the maquila sector in Tamaulipas. INDEX is one of the leading trade association for maquila companies.

The sudden growth came about due to expansion projects that amplified the already operating plants. In the next six months the plants will demand a total of 14,000 people – additional postings to the 100,000 maquila jobs that currently exist in Reynosa.

The job posts that will see an increase in vacancies are of operators, technicians, engineers, and personal administration, Index Reynosa believes.

In order to fill the newly opened slots, the National Service of Employment and the authorities of the government of Tamaulipas and Reynosa will hold another job fair in which at least 20 maquiladoras in the city will participate.

Also, as part of the plan, other job fairs will be held in other cities in South and Central Tamaulipas.

In response to the upcoming surge in the workforce, Index Reynosa has created a new digital platform for employment seekers and partners of the organization that are looking to fill those vacancies.

Martha Ramos Morales, director of the trade association, said the platform would form part of an integrated strategy promoted by Index Reynosa in response to the projected growth of job offers in upcoming months.

“It deals with the work pocket that is available across our portal, in which the businesses will be able to publicize the vacancies available and the job seekers will be able to login and send their applications and curriculums,” said Alejandro ‘Alex’ Avila, president of Index Reynosa.

This median platform will allow anyone looking for a job to create an account on the Index Reynosa website,, and upload their resume.

There, they will be able to navigate for jobs of interest, while also being able to apply directly to the businesses that are hiring.

In addition to receiving the job applications, employers will also be able to navigate in search for candidates who meet the profile of the open vacancy.

“It deals with a strategy that will permit help to our partners with a tool reliable to reach those seeking a job,” Ramos said.

Avila stressed that the growth of the industry and the generation of new jobs reflects confidence from international corporations in the region.

Index Reynosa brings together more than 120 companies in the region that generate more than 100,000 direct jobs.

Editor’s Note: The main image accompanying the above story shows Alex Avila and Martha Ramos of Index Reynosa with Keith Patridge, president and CEO of the McAllen Economic Development Corporation. MEDC helps recruit manufacturing firms to Reynosa and the Rio Grande Valley.