SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, RGV – As of 6 a.m. on Tuesday, AEP Texas crews had reduced the number of consumers without power in the South Padre Island area to approximately 245, says Larry Jones in AEP’s Texas Corporation Communications office.

First thing Monday morning there were 11,300 SPI residents without power.

“By 11:15 p.m. on Monday evening, crews had made initial repairs to distribution equipment and rerouted circuits to allow restoration of service to most customers,” Jones said.

Jones said high winds early Monday morning knocked down or damaged 31 transmission structures in the South Padre Island area.

“AEP Texas anticipates that repair or replacement of those structures will continue through Friday.  To complete this work safely, periodic controlled outages will be necessary in some areas.”

The thunderstorms that came through Sunday night and early Monday morning downed power lines up and down the island. It meant stores and restaurants could not open for business. Restaurant owners were scrambling to acquire generators so they could keep their freezers working. They did not want their frozen food to rot.

A spokesperson for the City of South Padre Island said all vehicle and pedestrian traffic will continue to use Laguna Boulevard and Gulf Boulevard through Wednesday. The Queen Isabella Memorial Bridge is open, though motorists are warned to expect traffic delays.

“The South Padre Island Police Department, Cameron County, along with other City departments will be working together to manage personnel and traffic control barrels and cones that will be placed in areas to enhance the flow of traffic,” the spokesperson said.

Here are some important phone numbers for SPI residents:

AEP Outage 1-877-373-4858
City Information (956) 761-8101
Cameron County Judge (956) 544-0830
Sheriff (956) 544-0860
Office of Emergency Management (956) 547-7000
State of Texas Department of Public Safety (956) 440-6700
State of Texas Department of Transportation (956) 542-2288
National Weather Service (956) 504-1631