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The Brownsville/South Padre Island Board of Realtors hosted a forum for the Brownsville mayoral candidates at the group's offices on Central Boulevard on Wednesday evening.

BROWNSVILLE, RGV – The Brownsville/South Padre Island Board of Realtors on Wednesday held a forum for the candidates running for mayor of Brownsville.

All six candidates on the ballot participated: Mayor Tony Martinez, former Mayor Pat Ahumada, plus Erasmo Castro, William A. Garza, Brenda Joyas, and Robert Sanchez. The moderator was Larry Jokl, chairman of the Brownsville/South Padre Island Board of Realtors’ legislative committee.

Among the topics discussed were the likely impact SpaceX will have on Brownsville and how to develop historic downtown Brownsville.

More candidate forums are scheduled. We will bring details on these nearer the time. The Brownsville city elections take place May 9, 2015.

Photos courtesy of Ron Whitlock of Ron Whitlock Reports.