IDEA Public Schools achieves 100 percent college acceptance and 100 percent college matriculation for the 13th graduating class


Rio Grande Valley, Texas – IDEA Public Schools is excited to announce that, in addition to 100 percent of the Class of 2019 gaining admission to college, as of today, 100 percent of graduates have matriculated to college.

Since 2007, IDEA has achieved a nearly perfect college matriculation rate as it pursues its unwavering commitment of College For All Children, ensuring graduates are prepared to succeed in college, career, and life.  The network has maintained these extraordinary results as it has grown to serve more than 53,000 students, across 96 schools in Texas and Louisiana, since 2000—more than any other charter school network during this time period.

The Class of 2019 was accepted to more than 360 colleges and universities, with nearly 47% of graduates getting into one of the country’s top colleges.  This fall, one in five will be attending a top college.  This class earned over $50 million in grants and scholarships, and over 750 graduates are the first members of their family to attend college.

“Today, I have options like my acceptance to Yale University, because my parents made hard choices when it came to my education,” says Karla Camacho, graduate of IDEA Brownsville. “I am grateful that IDEA has equipped me with the leadership and critical thinking skills that will help me join others in pushing the educational equity movement forward.”

“Achieving 100 percent college matriculation with the 13th graduating class is a huge accomplishment for IDEA Public Schools.  One that multiple people across the organization work hard to achieve every year.” Says Phillip Garza, IDEA Public Schools Chief College and Diversity Officer. “This achievement could not have been possible without the dedication of our faculty, staff, families, and students.”

IDEA’s promise to our students doesn’t end when they are accepted to college, nor matriculate to college.  College for All Children is made possible by the talented staff, innovative programs, and cultivating a college-going culture. Through IDEA’s College Support Model, our staff partners with families to see every student to and through college.  They provide a wide range of services and support while for students in college. IDEA’s alumni team plays the primary role of ensuring graduates have the resources they need succeed.  They check in with alumni regularly via person-to-person meetings, phone calls, text messages, emails, and more, providing students on-the-spot coaching related to success in college.  

“It is rare to find schools like IDEA who are this committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure 100% of graduates matriculate to college,” adds Phillip Garza. “For the thirteenth year, we achieved our 100% acceptance goal, and we achieved our 100% college matriculation goal, and this is certainly something to celebrate.”

To learn more about IDEA Public Schools, contact Jennifer Flores at 210-551-9253 or [email protected].