MCALLEN, RGV – IBC Bank in McAllen recently held a reception last Thursday to honor local non-profits.

Among the non-profits that received recognition at the reception were Catholic Charities RGV, United Way and Easter Seals.

IBC Bank McAllen President Adrian Villarreal said the company wanted to say thank you to the “impactful work” non-profits do in the Rio Grande Valley.

“This group here truly makes the difference in people’s lives. As a company we feel it is our responsibility to develop that and encourage that and support that,” Villarreal said.

Villarreal said as IBC trains its staff it instills the virtue of giving back to the community.

“That is who we are. We are a community bank. First and foremost, we are a community bank whose values and volunteerism supports the different non-profit causes that make a true impact in the community here,” Villarreal said.

“So, from all of us at IBC, we want to say thank you for the countless hours that you give to this community. We really appreciate all the work that you do.”

Sister Norma Pimentel of Catholic Charities RGV said her group’s success has been forged by working with others. She said the humanitarian effort shown when thousands of Central American immigrants were arriving in the Valley came about through the community working together.

“It is what we do together that makes a difference. The humanitarian effort was a community effort, everybody joining together and said yes to help. It is interesting how we as a community can make a difference to the world because what happened in McAllen is something everybody found out about. They said, where is McAllen, Texas,” Pimentel said.

Pimentel added: “These families that come to our community, we respond with compassion and with care because they are people and we care. We became a model to the rest of the United States. Never before had we seen a Catholic Church working with a city government, with other religions, every single faith and denomination, even evangelicals, working together with Catholics. More than differences we have more in common. This is what brought us all together.”

Thelma M. Garza, president of United Way of South Texas, said: “IBC helped build a strong foundation for our organization. IBC employees have helped. When we grow up we want to be like IBC. Even when we think we are doing it all, we can always do a little bit more.”

Patricia Rosenlund, CEO of Easter Seals Rio Grande Valley, said: “We all know each other and we are all linked. I like what Sister Norma said. It is important for each of us that there is a common thread. Not that we are just a non-profit, but we are taking care of a community need.”

Reynosa Non-Profit

One group that heard about the IBC event too late to participate was Miradas de Esperanza, a non-profit that helps blind children in Reynosa. The group needs more funding to provide education and sports for its children. At a reception at the McAllen Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday evening, Miradas de Esperanza founder Lolina Fernández de Garza Uribe discussed the need for more resources with Mexico’s Consul in McAllen, Eduardo Bernal Martinez.

“The Consul is going to ask the federal government in Mexico for help,” said Maria Austin, a former Mexican diplomatic staff member who helps Miradas de Esperanza.