Mrs. Monica Delacruz-Hernandez, a resident of Edinburg, Texas is a fresh new face joining the race to challenge current United States Congressman Vicente Gonzalez for Congressional District 15.

This irregular shaped district encompasses Rio Grande Valley cities from Mercedes on the eastern edge to Mission on the western edge and from Interstate 2 at the southern border up through Edinburg. The district continues northward on a narrow corridor that follows a long section of Highway 281 bypassing Alice but including Karnes, Seguin and a section east of Interstate 35 covering a portion of New Braunfels.

Monica Delacruz-Hernandez
Monica Delacruz-Hernandez

Ultimately, the person who represents this district has a lot of ground to cover and is accountable to a diverse population with much diversity in the issues as well. As the election season across the nation gears up, it is important to get to know the candidates so that informed decisions can be made when November 2020 arrives.

Mrs. Delacruz-Hernandez was born and raised in the lower Rio Grande Valley before attending UTSA to achieve a degree in Business/Marketing. Upon completion of her academic career in San Antonio, she studied Spanish abroad at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico in the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico. After completing her studies, Mrs. Delacruz-Hernandez joined the Cartoon Network/TNT Latin America and enjoyed a successful stint working and traveling throughout Latin America, promoting and coordinating content for the corporation. In 2001, Mrs. Delacruz-Hernandez returned to the Rio Grande Valley to make her permanent home. She is happily married, and her family has now grown to include three children. Also, in 2002, she launched a very successful career in the insurance industry, beginning at New York Life. In 2010 she was able to open and continues to operate her State Farm insurance agency located in Alamo, Texas. In addition to this agency, and participation in several local organizations, Mrs. Delacruz-Hernandez and her husband Johnny Hernandez have started and continue to own and operate two additional businesses and proudly employ several people.

Beyond the general background of a candidate, it is important to hear directly from that person. In their own words, we want to know what they believe in, an explanation of their qualifications, and why they think they are the best representative for the constituents of this district. I invite you to read the transcript from my recent interview with Congressional District 15 candidate, Monica Delacruz-Hernandez.

Q&A With Monica Delacruz-Hernandez

CH: Mrs. Delacruz-Hernandez, first of all, I want to congratulate you on your decision to run for such a prestigious and influential office. It takes a lot of courage to run for public office, especially to run as a Republican in what many would characterize as a Democrat “stronghold.” What is your primary motivation for taking on such a challenge? Was there a person or event that convinced you to make this move?

MDH: Thank you for the opportunity to share my journey. I have been a long time Republican but because of the “Democratic stronghold” felt it necessary to remain in the shadows. There were several events that included my kids being bullied for being Republican, that motivated me to finally say, ‘Enough is enough!  Our conservative values have been left behind and we must stand up!’

CH: What makes you different from the other candidates? What do you feel are your unique qualifications?

MDH: I am a Hispanic female bilingual business owner that actually lives in the district. I’m not sure your readers/followers are aware, but the other two primary candidates on the Republican side do not currently live in Congressional District 15. I would also like to emphasize that I am not a lawyer, judge nor do I have family in politics. What I am is a concerned citizen that is willing to stand up for all those whose voices are no longer being heard.

CH: You are running as a Republican. Have you always been a member of the Republican Party? What is it about the conservative platform that resonates with you?

MDH: I am proudly running as a Republican but my path did not start that way.  Like most Hispanics in the Valley, I grew up as a Democrat. As I matured in life experience, education and started more than one small business, I learned that my values and beliefs did not align with the Democrats but instead with the Republican Party.

For example, there are many values that resonate with me. I think the top three are (1) supporting traditional family values including being pro-life; (2) border reform/security; and (3) I support a pro-small business/less government regulations agenda.

CH: How do you address the perception that many Valley residents have that Republicans don’t care about ordinary people and that it is the party of “the Rich” or “the big Corporations?”

MDH: I’m glad you asked that. I believe that the mainstream media has played a large part in promoting this false belief. The truth is that President Trump and his policies have pushed minorities and economically disadvantaged people forward through lowering unemployment and opening up greater opportunities. In addition, the Republican Party has also helped small businesses and that, ultimately helps the communities they are in.

CH: Many candidates talk about their faith, but others shy away from the subject of faith. Has your faith been a factor in launching this campaign and if so, how would you say it could influence your decisions going forward?

MDH: Faith is not just important in politics but in everyday life. I humbly attempt to use God and faith in His word as a guide for my life’s path. Honestly, my life was stable, and I loved every minute of it before this new endeavor. God had a different plan though, I believe He chose me to use as a tool to move Judeo-Christian values forward. We must remember that these are the values that this country was built on.

CH: In recent years, there has been and continues to be an international focus on our region because of our border immigration policies, migration from countries other than Mexico, controversies over ICE and Border Patrol, drug and human trafficking, trade with Mexico, violence in the northern region of Mexico, etc. What message would you like to take to Washington, D.C., about our local challenges?

MDH: I will make that answer simple. We must do what is best for our country first. What is best for our country is to protect our citizens, our resources, our national sovereignty and support the policies that President Trump has put forward. I believe that we should allow the experts in immigration, which is Border Patrol, to guide that policy.

CH: In closing, what would you most want to tell the residents of District 15 in order to motivate them to give you this opportunity to represent them in our nation’s capital? Why should they give you their vote?

I want them to know that I am one of them. I understand their conservative values and rich heritage. I understand what our grandmothers and/or “abuelitas” would be proud of and the values they instilled in us, including hard work, taking care of each other, and demonstrating integrity in everything that we do. I want the people of the entire District 15 to know that their voice has not been forgotten. I understand them and will stand up for them. I will be their voice!

CH: Mrs. Delacruz-Hernandez, thank you for your time today. I know you are a very busy person. Again, congratulations on your campaign.

MDH: Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to get my message out to your readers.

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