You are one decision away from changing your life. There is nothing you can’t teach or train yourself to do.

Regardless of what level you’re at, you can be better. You can learn more and do more. The human body and mind were created to perform brilliantly with the proper knowledge and training.

With technology, it is fairly easy to obtain knowledge. You can learn a new language, you can build a new skill that will help you accomplish the goals you have. If you want to grow yourself, you need to invest in yourself. Ultimately, you need to develop a successful way of thinking and processing thoughts. Your thoughts will guide your actions, if you believe in yourself, you are one step closer to your goals.

In Michael Jordan’s early high school career, he didn’t make the basketball team. For whatever reason, he didn’t have the skills needed to compete on the high school basketball team. Did he quit? No, he trained and developed new skills to be able to compete. The easy thing to do is quit, the right thing to do is get back up and work harder. He focused on building his defensive and offensive skills, shooting over 1,000 shots daily, and for that reason he went onto become one of the most successful basketball players of all time.

Replace that story with yourself. What level are you at in life? What skill can you develop to take yourself to the next level? Focus on everything that CAN happen.

You can build a success story exactly where you are in life. You can learn a new skill, develop new relationships, start a business, build a better future but it has to start at this very moment. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. Michael Jordan believed in his abilities, it didn’t come naturally, he had to invest and dedicate his time to becoming better. Just like Michael Jordan, we all have to invest and dedicate our time to becoming better.

As Michael Jordan did, you have to focus on developing your skills to move onto your next level in life. You will need to prepare mentally to further your goal because along the way situations and events will tempt you to quit.

Here is what I recommend:

  1. Be determined: Success is a marathon, not a sprint. Be determined to stay the course, you may have to pivot in direction but remain determined to make success the only option. The closest people around you may doubt your ideas and ambition. Be determined to prove to yourself and the world that you can have anything you’re willing to work for. If you are determined enough to do whatever it takes to succeed, you will.
  1. Be ready for hurdles: Things will not be easy. You will feel lost and at times feel like quitting. But remember diamonds are made under pressure. Focus on solving problems, life is a journey of problems and those who learn to solve the biggest problems become very successful.
  1. Be consistent: It is easy to show up to the gym January 2nd for your New Year’s resolution but it is hard to be consistent throughout the year. It is the people who are consistent throughout the year who have a better chance of achieving positive results. Be consistent, show up every day ready to conquer any and all problems that come your way.

Take the advice as you wish. I believe in living a life where we grow and learn daily, where we reflect on successes, but focus on improving our weaknesses. Regardless of what level of life you are in, YOU can be better.