SPONSORED CONTENT – The Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation (GBIC) has announced it has initiated the process subject to approval by the City of Brownsville and the State to conduct business under the name Greater Brownsville Economic Development Corporation (GBEDC). 

The GBIC board of directors recognized that in its effort to attract new manufacturers and industries from outside the region, the organization’s current name, Greater Brownsville Incentive Corporation, was in need of an update. The brand needed to inculcate key words that could immediately allow the company to be identified as an economic development organization.

To guarantee that the d/b/a name is clear and retains the brand identification of Brownsville’s economic development organization, the board of directors selected the name Greater Brownsville Economic Development Corporation.

“The brand name does several things,” said Graham Sevier-Schultz, chairman of GBIC. “First, it is very much in line with a brand that people are already familiar with: Brownsville Economic Development Corporation.

“Second, as we are the Greater Brownsville Incentive Corporation, we simply added the word “Greater” to the new brand to maintain consistency.

“And finally, we decided to use the basis of the logo developed for GBIC for the Greater Brownsville Economic Development Corporation.”

Recent GBIC efforts to attract manufacturers and industries have proven to be very successful. “Two years ago, GBIC initiated the implementation of a strategic plan for the economic growth of Brownsville,” said Mario Lozoya, Executive Director of GBEDC.

“We are proud of its accomplishments. We have seen growth in business retention and expansion in several sectors across Brownsville including small, medium and large companies.”

The creation of a new website and corporate branding package are underway to augment the new GBEDC brand.