SPONSORED CONTENT – As the people of the world learn to deal with the effects of COVID-19, industry is also learning to work around the coronavirus. Not only have the challenges been in the world’s labor force struggling to maintain output but the supply chain in many areas of the world have also been affected, meaning the industrial world is rethinking the supply chain structure. 

Through the U.S. Department of Labor’s SelectUSA virtual tour, Brownsville was one of 13 cities to conduct a recent virtual tour.  But, the Greater Brownsville Economic Development Corporation (GBEDC) wanted to reestablish expectations for foreign direct investors and companies considering reshoring to the United States. (Reshoring is the process, in this case, of U.S. companies returning back to the homeland to continue manufacturing products.) 

GBEDC decided the presentations by other cities lacked production value, a spark, and hard-hitting content. And, GBEDC did not just want to talk about Brownsville, but felt it best to address national issues such as the newly passed United States, Mexico, Canada Act also known as USMCA, the benefits of the State of Texas, The Rio Grande Valley, Brownsville and Brownsville’s relationship with Mexico.

The decision was made to invite national, state and local speakers to address issues pertaining to manufacturing in the United States and Brownsville, Texas. Congressman Vela, The Wilson Center, the Reshoring Institute, NADB, CK Industries, Mayor Mendez all with a central message. Manufacturing is changing, the Coronavirus is changing the supply chain and how the USMCA will impact production.

Brownsville did tout the Port of Brownsville, its educated workforce, cost of living and education. Members from the manufacturing community delivered personal endorsements rounding out the presentation bringing down to a personal level. 

The event drew over 150 viewers from countries around the world, but also put Brownsville as the forefront of delivering virtual tours. Additional tours are planned for Mexico, China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, the United Kingdom and others.