In an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has recommended President Trump “go big” when negotiating an agreement to re-open the government.

Robert M. Gates

The op-ed is titled: “To End the Shutdown, Try Thinking Big on Immigration. Gates served as director of the CIA under George H.W. Bush before becoming president of Texas A&M University. He served as secretary of defense under presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

In his op-ed about the partial government shutdown, Gates says both political parties are responsible for the “embarrassing impasse.” However, he says a “sensible solution” may be possible.

“As the U.S. government shutdown approaches the one-month mark, one thing has become abundantly clear: Few politicians in Washington—Republican or Democrat, in Congress or the White House—consider the best interest of the country a priority. The fight is all about politics, partisanship and power,” Gates writes.

“To win the day, both sides are willing to upend the lives of 800,000 government employees and their families—and countless others who depend on the spending of those families for their own livelihoods.”

Editor’s Note: Click here to read the Robert Gates op-ed in The Wall Street Journal. Please note, however, that a subscription to the newspaper is needed.

Editor’s Note: An analysis of Robert Gates’ proposals for immigration reform as a way to end the government shutdown is provided by the political commentator Hugh Hewitt in The Washington Post. Click here to read the analysis.