EDINBURG, TEXAS – The city of Edinburg currently has 66 residential and commercial subdivisions either under construction or awaiting permitting approval. 

The information was relayed by Mayor Ramiro Garza at an Edinburg2040 community forum held last week at Legacy Chapels.

“Sixty-plus subdivisions. That is a big number,” Garza told the audience.

The mayor then asked a city staff member for the exact number and was told it was 66.

Interviewed afterwards by the Rio Grande Guardian International News Service, Garza spoke about the 66 figure and the growth in population Edinburg is currently experiencing. He said this as was why Edinburg2040 was so important.

“The number of new subdivisions is reflective of the growth that we have had. We have plenty of land. We have great schools, we have Edinburg CISD, South Texas ISD. We have Vanguard, we have IDEA.”

He noted Edinburg is also home to a number of regional headquarters. He listed the Border Patrol, a U.S. Department of Agriculture satellite office, Tropical Texas Behavioral Health, and Region One Education Service Center.

“Our population is over 100,000 but the day time number grows to nearly double that because of the amount of people coming in to work in our city. There is a lot of activity during the day that we have to cater to.”

Garza said Edinburg has some busy intersections. “Jackson and Trenton, about 100,000 a day go through that intersection. That is a big number. You see the traffic, you see the growth.”

He added: “It is a big challenge but that is why we are having these forums. How do we prioritize things so we make things better?” 

Edinburg2040 is a project designed to get feedback on how local residents want to see the city develop over the next 18 years and beyond. The kickoff forum was held at city hall, and, last week, one was held at Los Lagos Golf Course, and the other at Legacy Chapels. Another is slated to be held March 29 at the Edinburg Boys & Girls Club. 

Residents can also make their views known via an online survey. To do so go to www.edinburg2040.com.

According to the 2020 Census, Edinburg’s population grew by 27,000 from 2010 to 2020. If the current trend continues its population could increase by 50,000 over the next couple of decades. So, its population could be 150,000 by 2040.

There are currently two huge medical towers going up in Edinburg, one built by South Texas Health System and one by DHR Health. These are going to bring more jobs and the need for more homes and amenities.

In his remarks to the audience, Mayor Garza also spoke about changes coming to the square around the new Hidalgo County. Courthouse. He said that under a project due to start in 2023, traffic would flow one one way. 

“Funding has already been approved by the Hidalgo County MPO. The design work is underway and that should be complete by the end of this year. We should be ready to start in 2023,” Garza said, in his interview with the Rio Grande Guardian.

“Drainage is being improved around the courthouse, with new landscaping to compliment the new courthouse. It is going to be very nice. It will alleviate a lot of the drainage challenges we have had over the years.”

Asked about the development of State Highway 107, east of the courthouse, Garza said there will be new sidewalks, brick pavements, landscaping, street lights, and large culverts in the middle of the road to capture rainwater. 

“We are working with the County on that. The water will drain into a canal that will be widened on the east side of the expressway, over by Vera’s Meat Market.”

Garza said he hopes the new designs along 107 will lead to more retail development between the courthouse and I-69 Central.

This reporter also asked Mayor Garza about Edinburg’s plans to improve broadband infrastructure. This subject has not come up during the two most recent community forums.

“That is something we need to look at, but not just us,” Garza said. “We need to utilize all the assets we have here. The county seat is here, UTRGV, Region One. To me, the plans would have to include all of those partners. I am looking to see how we are going to collaborate with our partners. We need to do an assessment on how we provide the best broadband we can.”

Latest Edinburg2040 survey results

Of those that have completed the Edinburg2040 survey, 78 percent have been aged 25-54. Edinburg’s population in that age bracket is 56 percent. 

Of those that have completed the Edinburg2040 survey, 50 percent have an income above $75,000. Edinburg’s population has only 30 percent earning $75,000 and above.

Of those that have completed the Edinburg2040 survey, 68 percent completed a postsecondary education. Only 35 percent of Edinburg’s population has a postsecondary education.

Of those that have completed the Edinburg2040 survey, 64 percent are female. Edinburg’s population is 48 percent female.

Of those that have completed the Edinburg2040 survey, 87 percent say Edinburg is a good place to live.

Of those that have completed the Edinburg2040 survey, 86 percent say Edinburg is a good place to raise children.

Of those that have completed the Edinburg2040 survey, 75 percent say Edinburg is good place to work.

Of those that have completed the Edinburg2040 survey, 74 percent are satisfied with the quality of life on offer in Edinburg. 

Of those that have completed the Edinburg2040 survey, 69 percent say Edinburg is a good place to retire.

And, 70 percent of respondents are satisfied with the Edinburg’s image and consider the city a welcoming place for people with diverse backgrounds.

Asked which city services need to given high priority 76 percent of respondents said street lighting, 72 percent said education programs, 71 percent said crime prevention, 71 percent said health services, 66 percent said your services, and 65 percent said youth centers.

The city services with the highest rate of dissatisfaction are streets, with 48 percent, drainage, with 39 percent, and traffic with 35 percent. 

Of those that have completed the Edinburg2040 survey, 35 percent said streets should be the top priority, while 22 percent said drainage. 

When asked about the top three priorities, total responses for streets, drainage, and traffic are approximately equal to everything else.