Tamaulipas friends:

Given the preventive actions that must be implemented due to the presence in Mexico of the Coronavirus or COVID-19, the Tamaulipas government has planned various measures to contain possible contagions within the state.

As you know, in Tamaulipas through the Secretary of Health from the first moment, preventive measures were taken at airports, ports, bus stations to supervise the people who arrive at the state.

The spread of the virus is advancing, and therefore preventive measures have to be reinforced.

And following the indication of the State Health Safety Committee, in agreement with the Tamaulipas Secretary of Education, it was determined the suspension of classes for all levels, that is, from preschool, primary, secondary, upper-middle and superior, from March 17.

I want to be very emphatic, very clear: these are not vacations, the intention is that as far as possible they avoid attending places with massive concentration, and in their homes, the students, along with the parents, continue to take into account the indications of the Secretariat of Health, to protect themselves from possible contagions.

Indications have also been given to suspend all massive events organized by the state government. And the State Committee on Health Safety is also recommending that for the next 15 days from March 17 all our beach destinations and in general tourist destinations remain closed.

Likewise, I inform you that the Ministry of Health of Tamaulipas has been instructed to take all the necessary supplies, for the medical attention required in the cases that arise.

The spread of COVID-19 forces all of us to act with great responsibility, which is why measures will be increased to try to control the spread of the Coronavirus that spreads throughout the world. Tamaulipas is no exception. The state health safety committee reports the first case of coronavirus, so it is very important to reiterate the need to address all the recommendations of the health sector.

I invite you to consult the updates that are issued through the Secretary of Health, which will continue to provide all the information in a timely manner.

Taking care of us and protecting our family is everyone’s task.

By your attention,

Thank you so much.

Editor’s Note: The above guest commentary is based on remarks Tamaulipas Gov. Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca gave to the residents of his state via a broadcast on March 16, 2020. The remarks came after the first positive case of coronavirus was confirmed in Tamaulipas – a 55-year-old man from Malaysia who works at the Port of Tampico.