CIUDAD VICTORIA, Tamaulipas — Francisco Garcia Cabeza de Vaca took oath as new Governor of Tamaulipas for the 2016-2022 term during the sixtieth-third state congress. He promised to rule with unity and transparency, and fulfil those promises he made during his campaign.

Results is the way he will meet the demands from the residents who voted for him, he said during his first official speech as Governor.

“I will fulfil those commitments made with the citizens and different areas of society.” Garcia said in the State Congress. “My government will have an institutional relationship with the federal sector, base in respect; with responsibility I will assume our obligations, and we won’t use the federal sector as an excuse to avoid our problems.”

In his opinion, State and Federal Government are both responsible for Tamaulipas’ destiny.

“This is why we need to find a path to bring back peace and security… to resolve the complex financial situation that the state has, and to work as a team to inspire the development to the inside.”

In the security area his government will continue collaborating with authorities and federal forces, looking forward to meet a state of peace, he mentioned.

“It will be with our state representatives, and with full respect to them, that I will ask a meeting to analyze and take value of our budget outflow from the federal sector,” he added. “We will be careful to see bonds become a reality that will at the end be a warranty for our state development.”

He noted that this new government won’t be motivated by hatred or resentment, and that revenge doesn’t mean justice, because justice is more than a simple history trial about the past.

“Justice is the verdict from institutions about law’s reasoning, rendition of accounts before the law, restoration of trust is not accepting more impunity in Tamaulipas,” he said.

His government will be an ally for Mayors and City Councils who, he said, face adversities, threats that pretend violate its work and to put on a risk the liberty of citizen’s security.

Impunity and corruption has leak into institutions of the state office but also into other areas like the state’s legislature and justice.

“These are not as a result of a coincidence, but these are a result of the lack of responsibility and complicity from a few, whom while looking forward to keep up enough power and win elections, got as far as deliver the most sacred things we have such as life and liberty,” Garcia added.

He said he is in favor of beginning a historic reconstruction era of the institutions, towards gaining back the trust in the government y reestablish command and rule of law.

He said along with the states of Nuevo Leon, Veracruz and San Luis Potosi he will look to create a coalition to develop the north-east side of the country, and with the U.S., and especially with Texas. He promised to increase the necessary collaboration to help promote programs to growth and strengthen the security to help both sides of the border.

“Transparency and accounting information will be characteristics of my government, the fight against corruption will be a permanent action, my commitment is to give security for those who use our highways, in the land, and in cities, with the goal to recover peace in the state of Tamaulipas, because we deserve to leave in peace,” he said.

Lastly, he mentioned he plans on being the best governor Tamaulipas has ever had, working to carry out his goals of living in a secure, participatory and democratic state.

Editor’s Note: This story first appeared in the Rio Grande Guardian in Spanish. It has been translated into English by Rio Grande Guardian editor and reporter Melva Lavín-Castillo. Click here to read the original posting. The main image accompanying this story was provided by governmental affairs consultant Ron Whitlock.