REYNOSA, Tamaulipas – Authorities from the three levels of government inaugurated in Tampico the first public electric charging station in the country.

It will service vehicles inside a multimodal station that will offer electric charge besides diesel and gasoline.

Tamaulipas State Governor Egidio Torre Cantú led the inauguration of what will be the first commercial electric charging station in Mexico. He stated that the purpose of this new charging station is to promote environment friendly energies. He also said he was happy this effort was being done first in Tampico.

Torre Cantú said that with this new charging station Tamaulipas will try to heighten advantages to investors for a broader use of reusable resources. He stated that this first charging station in Mexico is the result of the synergy between the CFE (Federal Electric Commission), ONEXPO (National Organizations of Petroleum Venders), Garel Group and Nissan.

The Governor said the charging station in Tampico will begin operations immediately and will be available inside the facilities of a regular gas service station. It will be now possible, he said, to find electric vehicles charging alongside those getting gasoline and diesel.

Torre Cantú predicted the charging station will strengthen the infrastructure to boost reusable resources. He said it has a type 2 charger, which means it will take between two to four hours to completely charge a vehicle. So, six vehicles can be charged every 24 hours.

Torre Cantú said the new station will be a part of a net of charging stations that Mexico will build, including one in the Parque Fotovoltaico Bicentenario in Ciudad Victoria.

He stated this new service will draw attention from investors in the automotive field to open the market for electric vehicles, which some automobile makers already have.

He referred to Tamaulipas as enlisting in the first phase of a national project that contemplates a network of charging stations. Among those in the first phase, he said, are the cities of Tampico, Madero, Altamira, González, Ciudad Victoria and Monterrey.

The second phase will add Ciudad Valles and San Luis Potosí. The third phase will be a national circuit that will connect stations in all Mexico.

Electric charge will be cheaper than gasoline; in Mexico approximately half the cost of “Premium” gasoline and even less than “Magna.”

Finally, Torre Cantú mentioned that there are 300 electric vehicles registered in Mexico. He predicted that with more charge stations installed, the number of electric cars on the road will increase.

Editor’s Note: The above story first appeared in the Rio Grande Guardian in Spanish. It was translated into English by Enriqueta Cisneros.