EDINBURG, RGV – Organizers of and participants in Edinburg’s Annual Fiesta Mexicana Concert appeared at Edinburg City Council on Tuesday evening to promote their upcoming event.

The Fiesta Mexicana Concert features the Music, Dance and Culture of various states within Mexico, including Veracruz, Hidalgo and Nayarit.

Agustin Lozano, Jr., is master of ceremonies for the fiesta. “We invite the public to come to the fiesta. There will be a lot of culture and a lot of color,” Lozano said. “We need to teach our children what culture is all about, as well as other cultures too, such as the German and Polish cultures. We have a lot of German people here and Polish people here. We need to continue with tradition. If we lose the tradition, we are going to lose the culture.”

Eighth grade Edinburg student Angela Arce was dressed as the goddess of the moon and stars for the Edinburg City Council meeting. She said she was looking forward to participating in the fiesta. Over 30 artists, mostly dancers and musicians, will participate.

“If you go to Central America, even Colombia, you will see similar dresses to the traditional dresses in Veracruz, Mexico. We have to teach our children about these cultures,” Lozano said. “Also, Edinburg residents told us, they wanted more entertainment. We are doing it now. If you remember just a few years ago, by 6 or 7 o’clock in the evening, everybody in Edinburg was asleep. Now, guess what, things are happening in Edinburg, thanks to our leaders. Leadership equals example.”

One of the most recognized Mariachi groups in the Music industry, Mariachi Rey Azteca, will perform at the fiesta, along with Edinburg Folklorico.

The event takes place Saturday, January 6, at Historic Edinburg Auditorium. The auditorium is located at 415 W University Drive, in Edinburg.

During the council meeting there was a lot of discussion on Edinburg’s Sports and Wellness Center and the lease agreement between the City of Edinburg and the Vipers. Councilmembers agreed to put the issue on the agenda for their next regular meeting.

In executive session, city councilmembers discussed the terms and conditions of a proposed memorandum of understanding between the County of Hidalgo and the City of Edinburg regarding a financial contribution to the new county courthouse project. No decisions were taken.