HARLINGEN, RGV – The Federal Communications Commission has given permission to RGV Educational Broadcasting, Inc., to change its KMBH television broadcast station license from non-commercial to commercial.

The move was considered a formality because it was originally a commercial license. The move paves the way for the Catholic Diocese to execute its Lease Marketing Agreement with MBTV Texas Valley LLC and sell KMBH-TV to R Communications.

KMBH-TV is the PBS station in the Rio Grande Valley.

According to an employee at KMBH-TV who asked not to be named, TV staff have been told that they are now employees of R Communications. “We were told today (Friday) that our next pay check will be from R Communications,” the employee said.

In the correspondence sent out by the FCC it lists RGV Educational Broadcasting’s contact person as Father Pedro Briseno. Briseno left the Harlingen-based station some years ago. Its current president is Robert Gutierrez.