VideoEsmaeili: Do You See What I See? One large international airport for the RGV with fast trains connecting to it

The dean of math, science, IT and bachelor programs at South Texas College gazes into his crystal ball.

MCALLEN, Texas – Do You See What I See? That is the suggested title for a series of discussions with visionaries in South Texas.

The idea was put to the Rio Grande Guardian International News Service years ago by Dr. Ali Esmaeili, dean of math, science, IT and bachelor programs at South Texas College. Between us we never made it happen but Esmaeili says there is still time.

In a video interview with the Guardian, Esmaeili recalled his arrival in the Rio Grande Valley 30 years ago and the predictions he made back then that have since transpired. He also looked ahead to one of the things he would like to see happen in the region.

“One thing that I would like to see while I am alive is to see that international airport and that fast train happen in the region. Our region deserves to have such a magnitude impact on the nation,” Esmaeili said.

Esmaeili’s vision is for the Valley to have one large international airport serving the whole region, probably built in the Mid Valley area. Fast trains would connect communities in the Upper Valley and Lower Valley to the airport. Esmaeili said that if the Valley had one large airport, rather than three smaller ones, it would attract more airlines that would take travelers to more destinations. He said he would like to see such an airport develop routes to South America.

In the interview, Esmaeili also spoke a presentation he witnessed recently at STC by Monica Cruz from the Texas Demographic Center at UT-San Antonio. He said he was very impressed with the data Cruz provided. He said the focus was on the fast-growing Hispanic population. 

Here is the interview:

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