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LAREDO, Texas – Some things have the feel of Mexico engraved on them and get talked about around the world with pride.

Examples are Mexican food, Mariachi bands, the historical ruins, tacos, and of course the traditional clothes.

For a young entrepreneur, the love she feels for Mexico and what it truly represents, came to reality when she decided to open her own store in Peñitas, located at some 16 miles west of McAllen, Texas.

“El Charro Ranchero y Gallardo” (The Cowboy Rancher and Gallant) sells traditional Mexican dresses, complete charro suits, and every detail in between. The difference in this case is that everything is handmade, and tailor made.

Janet Luna, the owner, visited Laredo in mid-October to show her work during the Hispanic Fair.

“I dress up the charro from head to toe, I can also dress up an escaramuza, and a horse with different types of saddles, working saddles and exotic saddles, and I also do leather goods,” said Luna.

Escaramuza is a kind of dressage practiced by female cowgirls, and the dresses they use can be an expression of art. For Luna, this is one of her biggest accomplishments – all the dresses are hand painted.

“Every dress is hand painted, so the customer gets an original dress each time,” Luna said. “It is a unique outfit every time. Nobody else will have it.”

Luna explained some of the merchandise she sells is imported from Mexico, but many other pieces are manufactured by a group of around ten artisans that work in a factory she owns.

“I have been working with them for about six years, I started with a store in Reynosa, Mexico, and that is where we manufacture everything,” she explained. “At the beginning of 2015 I opened the store in Peñitas.”

Luna expressed her enthusiasm for presenting her products in Laredo, because “it’s an opportunity to knock on doors and open doors, meeting excellent and kind people.”

Luna hopes El Charro Ranchero y Gallardo will continue to expand and show the beauty of Mexico´s clothing one day at a time.

Editor’s Note: This story also appeared in the Rio Grande Guardian in Spanish. Click here to read it.