EL PASO, Texas – El Paso County Commissioners Court has appointed Commissioner David Stout as its representative on the Texas Border Coalition, or TBC.

The coalition speaks as a collective voice of border elected officials, business and community leaders for 2.5 million people living in the Texas border region.

“I’m grateful for the trust my colleagues have placed in me. As a member of the TBC, I will advocate for El Paso and other border communities,” Stout said.

“We have much to offer Texas and the U.S., and the TBC offers another avenue to further El Paso’s efforts to build quality of life and economic development opportunities for our community.”

Stout added: “Too often, border communities are misrepresented in an effort to further political agendas. This harms people who live in our communities, disrupting family and social lives. I’m glad El Paso County has another platform through which to reach policy-makers in Austin and Washington, D.C.”

TBC welcomed Stout to its leadership team.

“The Texas Border Coalition is excited and honored to welcome Commissioner Stout as El Paso County’s official representative on the TBC,” stated the organization. “Commissioner Stout is passionate about the border region, and we look forward to working with him to make life better and more prosperous for the people who live, work and raise their families in border communities.”

The Texas Border Coalition’s vision, as stated on its website “is to be recognized as a leader and authority for the Texas-Mexico border region and to bring attention to the education and workforce. health care, border security, economic development and transportation needs of communities along the border.”

Cameron County Judge Eddie Treviño, Jr., is chairman of TBC.

“The most important lesson of TBC’s work over the decades is that border communities can achieve results when we lead by consensus,” Treviño said.

“When we stand together on priority issues that affect border communities, state and federal officials pay attention. Our most important asset is our unity.”

Treviño said that like every other community in the nation, the Texas-Mexico border region has needs for investment and economic development. To help the border region continue to grow, he said, TBC advocates for state and federal investments in five broad areas. They are:

  • Secure, efficient borders that facilitate legitimate trade and travel;
  • Better education for more of our people, especially technical and scientific training that helps workers from our border communities participate and succeed in the 21st Century workforce;
  • Policies that enable economic development for the continued growth and prosperity of our region;
  • Well-organized transportation systems that support cross-border trade as well as the safety of our local communities; and
  • Health care that improves the well-being and productivity of our people.

“TBC brings the authentic, unified voice of border communities to decision-makers in Austin and Washington. To amplify the border’s agenda, TBC will continue to frame our priority issues as a non-partisan agenda that highlights the border’s crucial role for the economic wellbeing and security of Texas and the nation,” Treviño said.

“I look forward to working with our border elected, community and business leaders to make TBC a strong, unified voice for the border region.”

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