EDINBURG, Texas – The Edinburg Rotary Club in February honored the top students from the Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District’s Migrant Education Program.

“I want to thank the Rotary Club for showcasing our migrant students and their accomplishments,” ECISD Migrant Coordinator Patricio Escamilla said.

The students’ recognition is part of the Edinburg Rotary’s Student of the Month Program, which is held during the community service organization’s luncheon meeting at the Echo Hotel.

“I am excited for what they were able to share and the messages they gave,” Escamilla said. “The students were very humble. They recognized their parents, shared their accomplishments and talked about the colleges and universities that they will be attending.”

The Migrant Education Program serves approximately 1,500 students. The program is aimed at helping students and their families with many educational services available to them when they return to Edinburg CISD.

Many migrant students enroll in other schools when they travel up north with their families and take on jobs in the agriculture or fishing industries.

Escamilla said that migrant children, as young as 3 years old, may qualify for the Bright Beginnings Program, where home educators work in conjunction with parents to provide educational lessons at home for their children.

“We have a great three-year-old and four-year-old program called Bright Beginnings, where we utilize iPads for instruction,” he said.

Some of the other programs available to the migrant students, include assistance with obtaining concurrent enrollment and dual credit courses, participation in Advanced Placement classes, and support with taking entrance exams.

The Edinburg Rotary recognized the following students:

  • Edinburg High School senior Michelle Marie Silva
  • Edinburg High School senior Luis Alfonso Rodriguez Jr.
  • Edinburg North High School senior Emily Adena Castillo
  • Edinburg North High School senior Edson Adrian Garay Mendez
  • Economedes High School senior Anahi Gonzalez
  • Economedes High School senior Antonio Albiter
  • Vela High School senior Zaida Marely Salinas
  • Vela High School senior Isaac Natanael Armijo Sanchez

For more information on the ECISD Migrant Education Program, call (956) 289-2300 and ask for Debra Ramirez at extension 2105 or Rolando Vargas at extension 2106.