Coronavirus is a virus that is many thousands of years old. There are several like SARS or MERS and this COVID19 is a new coronavirus.

The symptoms appear between five and 14 days and can be dry cough, fever, headache, fatigue, difficulty in breathing primarily.

You should consult your doctor if you have these symptoms or some of them and obey the indications given and isolate yourself if you have a probable infection or a diagnosis of coronavirus and report your contacts.

So many days without symptoms means that we are infecting others without knowing it. This virus is highly contagious, by greetings, hugs, kisses, by droplets of saliva when talking to an infected person, infected surfaces, etc. Contagion is exponential.

We must take action before cases happen. We cannot have more patients than the installed capacity of our health system in our cities. That is, sicker than beds, intensive care, doctors, ventilators, medications, etc. Today we must be responsible and realize that between 40 percent and 70 percent of the population will be infected, 80 percent will have a disease like a mild flu, but 14 percent of us may have a more serious COVID 19 disease and six percent may require intensive therapy. 20 percent or percent is too sick for our health system.

Today the scientists in the world are working and very surely in a short time we will have an antiviral and a vaccine. I believe in science and I know it will be so! But right now there is NOT! For now we must follow mitigation and containment techniques. Constantly wash our hands and wash surfaces, use soap and water and gel with a base of at least 70 percent alcohol.

Not saying hello, keeping our immune system strong, sleeping and eating well, taking vitamins, exercising at home or meditating, praying etc. But the most important thing is NOT to leave your house if there is no need. DO NOT hold family gatherings at home and report if someone is hosting a public event because there are no permits. If you go out, DO NOT go to places where there are many people and maintain social distance, a distance between people of at least one and a half meters.

Take care that our grandparents do not go out and do activities to keep our children and young people who are already in our house busy. Keep in mind that people who have a disease such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, etc., are vulnerable and therefore must be at home. Don’t panic shopping so there are products for everyone. The solution is to work together and have solidarity and compassion between us. It is the only way, the solution is not individual, the participation of the entire community is required.

I know it may seem exaggerated because there are few cases in Tamaulipas but every day we see how many more increase and will come and we must be prepared in our city. We have the experience of other countries and of pandemics like H1N1 and we know what has worked. The most effective is social distancing! Let’s listen. It is better to prevent and exaggerate today than to regret tomorrow. China ended the pandemic in eight weeks because the citizens obeyed its government, with social distancing primarily. Let’s do the same and work together to avoid infection!

The most important thing in life is that, life! Let us value our life and that of our family and exaggerate in the measures for the common good! We will come forward! Remember, the best live in Reynosa, you men and women who get up every day and despite difficulties, raise their families for love! Today we must do the same! For the love of our families, let us follow all mitigation and containment techniques and apply social distancing with determination! Today it is a health problem and it is the most important thing, but later if we do not do what we should and we end this pandemic soon, it will be an economic problem of enormous consequences.

We will continue working for the good of our city to succeed, with the help of God and of all!