Sue Groves
Sue Groves

HARLINGEN, RGV – Television viewers in the Rio Grande Valley who subscribe to DISH will be able to watch PBS after all.

Karen Modlin, who works in DISH’s corporate communications office, told Rio Grande Valley media specialist Sue Groves: “I want to let you know that DISH is slated to launch the national PBS feed at the end of March.”

Fans of PBS who subscribe to DISH had lost out because R Communications moved PBS from a primary channel to a sub-primary channel. While Time Warner Cable and DirecTV agreed to take R Communications’ sub-channels, DISH did not. This meant thousands of Valley viewers could not see their favorite PBS programs.

“While it is good to hear DISH is going to carry the national PBS feed it is too late for fans of Downton Abbey. Those who have been watching the last ever series on DISH will miss out on the final episode,” said Groves.

Modlin said she had no other updates at this time. “I will let you know if I learn anything more,” Modlin told Groves.

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