THE GUARDIAN – Rescue workers backed by an army of untrained volunteers searched for survivors buried under mounds of rubble as the death toll from Tuesday’s powerful earthquake climbed to at least 237 across central Mexico.

The 7.1 magnitude earthquake left a chess board of destruction across the country’s capital, where almost a hundred deaths have been confirmed so far.

There was a glimmer of hope as rescuers raced against the clock to reach a girl buried under a collapsed school to the south of Mexico City, where 21 children and four adults died, who had wriggled fingers from the rubble to show she was alive.

The girl, identified only as Frida Sofía, told rescuers there were other students nearby but she could not tell if they were alive. The plight of Frida Sofía captivated Mexicans, who were glued to their TVs as the country’s big broadcasters beamed video live from the school.

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