It seems like every day Joe Biden creates a new crisis for Americans. From his catastrophic border crisis, record-high gas prices, and now a baby formula shortage, we can’t catch a break.

Here in the RGV, mothers have been hit especially hard by the baby formula crisis. Edinburg mother of two, Amy Boldin, went on a road trip across Texas trying to find baby formula to feed her 4-month-old. Boldin’s story is only one of many. Some South Texas mothers have even had to travel across the border to purchase baby formula in Mexico.

Statewide, Texans have been bearing the brunt of another Joe Biden crisis, where 52% of baby formula was out of stock as of May 1st. During this time, Texas was the third worst state in the nation in baby formula shortage, with San Antonio and Houston seeing more empty shelves than most. Just a couple weeks later, Houston saw out of stock rates hit an alarming 90%.

According to Biden’s own HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, they knew about the baby formula shortage last year, yet refused to do anything about it. Now, thanks to Biden’s FDA, the baby formula shortage is growing worse. According to the Wall Street Journal, 23% of powdered formula was out of stock the week of May 22nd. That was up from 11% – more than double – before the baby formula plant shut down. Due to the Biden administration’s inaction and incompetence, we are now using our military to fly in baby formula from other countries in yet another embarrassment for the United States under Joe Biden.

We’re also seeing that the formula shortage could very well be the precursor to a massive wave of food shortages nationwide.

At this point, we have seen that the Biden administration’s crisis creation playbook is as follows: create a crisis, allow it to unravel, and then refuse to take responsibility or blame someone else when it implodes. Time and again we’ve seen them consistently follow this trend all at the expense of the American people.

As a mother and a native of the Rio Grande Valley, the baby formula shortage is one crisis too many. Joe Biden’s border crisis strained our community’s resources, personnel, and overall safety in ways we have never seen. And now, Biden has even put our kids at risk of hunger and malnutrition. He’s made it evident that he doesn’t care about us, our children, or our community.

When voters head to the ballot box this November, they should remember what Joe Biden and the Democrats have done to our gas prices, our open border, and now our children. Texas Democrats have allowed the Biden administration to wreak havoc on their constituents and there’s no excuse for it. South Texas needs new leadership with people from the community who will work for our community.

Neither of my potential Democrat opponents have called out the Biden administration for the baby formula shortage. In fact, they haven’t said a word about it.

It’s clear that constituents in the RGV do not agree with many national Democrat policies and disapprove of their self-imposed crises, yet Texas Democrats have refused to stand up to their party’s leadership in support of their constituents. They’ve continued to prioritize being in the good graces of their party’s leadership instead of pushing for policies and asking for accountability when their constituents are hurting.

Joe Biden has failed Texas and he has failed America. Democrats no longer deserve to represent South Texans. TX-15 deserves a congresswoman who will stand up for mothers, protect our children, secure our border, lower prices for hardworking Texans, and hold those in power accountable. That’s why I’m running.

Editor’s Note: The above guest column was penned by Monica De La Cruz, the Republican Party candidate for Texas Congressional District 15. The column appears in the Rio Grande Guardian with the permission of the author. De La Cruz can be reached by email via: [email protected]

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  1. DEFINITELY AGREE: “TX-15 deserves a congresswoman who will stand up for mothers, protect our children, secure our border, lower prices for hardworking Texans, and hold those in power accountable.”

    That person would be Monica Vallejo, NOT some Trumpite who excuses his lies, his dereliction of duty, his oath of office, and who instigated a fascist coup attempt by the 6 January seditionists.

    Citizens of the 15th District, DON’T BE FOOLED by this intellectually dishonest excuse for a Republican.