EDINBURG, RGV –  In assisting Daniel Rivera establish Grindstone Coworking space in 2015, realtor Nick Cantu realized a great opportunity also existed for his firm, Jinks Realty.

So, he set up an office there.

“We thought this is the place to be,” Cantu said, referring to the Grindstone location on West University Drive in Edinburg.

Nick Cantu

Cantu explained that when Grindstone opened its doors in Nov. 2015, Jinks Realty, a local real estate brokerage firm, partnered with the coworking space.

In an interview with the Rio Grande Guardian, Cantu shared the benefits the partnership with Grindstone has brought for Jinks and other local businesses in the Valley. He said the benefits cannot be measured solely in financial terms. Camaraderie also needs to be factored in.

“The feeling that we have here is almost like a fraternity,” he said.

After expanding from 15 to 45 local businesses, Grindstone has helped push career growth and established a networking environment which, Cantu says, resembles a “big city feel.”

He explained: “I have all these experts and professionals working around me here and everybody is pushing to try to make a good career for themselves, it’s really been a blessing,” he stated.

“I give a lot of credit to Daniel for harvesting the community feel we have achieved.”

Cantu attributes much of Jink’s growth to the collaboration with businesses allocated in Grindstone such as attorneys, dietitians, and certified public accountants (CPA’s). The collaboration, Cantu says, has further helped him and the realty’s owner Lee Jinks harvest the idea of expanding their business.

“Our office has grown because you become friends with people sitting here, and right away when you walk in people are helpful and greet you,” Cantu stated.

In fact, Jinks Realty has done so well within the Grindstone set-up that it has taken over additional office space.

Cantu added he is very grateful for the opportunity Rivera has brought to Edinburg and foresees that this idea will only continue to move forward throughout the Valley.

“It is giving us the opportunity to grow and Daniel has molded something that works for both of us,” Cantu said.

“He is definitely going to change the game down here in the Valley.”

In witnessing the revolutionized idea from what started as an office storage to a space where 45 businesses gather and help each other flourish, Cantu said he is proud of the talent and progress that has emerged from the Valley thanks to Grindstone.

“I have always felt the Valley is little bit behind on the ‘cool curve’, and Grindstone is on that cutting edge,” Cantu stated.

“We’re excited, this place is a hub of talented people.”

While Cantu sings the praises of Grindstone, Rivera, its owner, gives a shout-out to Edinburg Economic Development Corporation. Working with Edinburg EDC, Rivera has launched a non-profit spin-off, The Hive Effect. This program provides seminars for members to learn how to become better small business owners.

Editor’s Note: This is the second in a three-part series on Grindstone Coworking of Edinburg. Click here for Part One, which includes a video. Part Three will be published later this month.