REYNOSA, Tamaulipas – According to Milenio, a work stoppage is in effect for about 115,000 workers in the maquiladora sector of Sonora state, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile in Tamaulipas, maquiladora activity continues normally.

“No we haven’t shut down,” says Roberta, a line worker in the industrial sector of Reynosa.

“And if there was I wouldn’t know how to support my children,” said the mother of five in a conversation via messenger.

Alma, a co-worker in management at the same factory had this to say:

“We are continuing to work. We sent a few people home home who were showing symptoms. It is a serious situation that worries me.”

Reynosa public health authorities reported the death today of a 56-year old woman with a history of diabetes and hypertension. Meanwhile health personnel have been reported disinfecting plazas and bus-stops, even though businesses remain mostly open. Seven cases have been reported in the state.

On Federal Highway 40, a checkpoint has been set up to check the temperatures of motorists entering the Reynosa area. Schools, universities and other institutions of learning were shut down indefinitely on March 19 by Tamaulipas Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca. There date of re-opening remains indefinite.

Americans living in Reynosa but working in Texas report very short commute times but some additional questioning by Customs and Immigration on entering the U.S.

“Interesting, I had my temperature checked once coming back in and then never again; hardly any traffic at the border though,” says a U.S. citizen who lived in Mexico with her family and crossed every day to her job.

Tom Kobylecky, a ten-year resident of Reynosa crosses the border every day and is concerned by rumors of the border closing.

“I think the United States is working something out with Mexico as we speak. I’m pretty sure the United States wouldn’t close their borders for United States citizens. What we’re worried about is that Mexico might close their borders to United States citizens. Leaving me unable to conduct my day to day job without renting a place in Texas. And we know how Texas employers like to lay people off.”

Currently in Sonora, 17 patients have tested positive for the virus, pushing authorities to enact prevention measures. The first of these was the suspension of classes for 850,000 students and 47 teachers from the state educational system.

There have been nine positive cases reported in Tamaulipas.